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SPOILERS - Mark Reviews the latest outing from Naughty Dog

By Mark Relton

Perfection not a word I use often to describe any game, but this nailed it. Everything about it was a masterpiece. The story was told in such a way you felt every emotion and feeling they were trying to portray and made it believable. This is a game you must go buy right now and not leave the couch until you have finished.

Naughty Dog has done well, as I sense this will be their last PS3 game as they now focus more to the PS4. I can only imagine how well they will do on that system and I'm thoroughly looking forward to their games in the next generation.

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G20WLY1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

This game has collected over 160 perfect scores from reviewers all over the internet - that has to be some sort of record, right? :)