Edge- Tekken Revolution Review

Edge:Tekken made its name bringing the arcade fighting experience to the living room and it brings arcade monetisation – via the free-to-play model – along for the ride in this PSN exclusive. Arcade Coins are required to play Tekken Revolution’s singleplayer mode (which nonetheless requires you stay online) and are replenished free of charge at a rate of one per hour, though you can only hold a maximum of two Arcade Coins at a time. To play more than twice in two hours you’ll have to pop over to the PlayStation Store and invest in some Premium Coins (quite reasonably priced at £3.99 for 30 with smaller bundles available, too). There’s a similar coin system in place for the Ranked and PvP matches, though you can hold up to five Battle Coins at a time and the recharge time is reduced to half an hour, a setup that smartly nudges you towards online multiplayer.

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CLOUD19831943d ago

Very bad review I am very disappointed :/, review such as this gives bad name to EDGE I was under the impression that they research a game thoroughly before they decide to write a review something unfortunately didn't happen in this case, I am really bored right now to point all the things they miss or things they gave incomplete info but I'm sure that ppl who play the game for a few days can tell instantly.

FuneralPartier1943d ago

This review is way off base. I am brand new to Tekken (but played SF heavily for 20 years) and am thoroughly enjoying this F2P release. The arcade feel is replicated perfectly.......