Which Do We Wish Were Rideable Pokemon In Pokemon X And Y?

Pokemon X and Y brings an exciting new feature: rideable Pokemon! At the moment we know you can ride Rhyhorn and Gogoat (the new mount Pokemon) but I’m willing to bet that everyone will have a favourite Pokemon that they wish they could ride. Maybe it’s your very own Houndoom, or an Arcanine? Have a read of what Pokemon we wish we could ride in Pokemon X and Y (I’m trying to avoid ones you can learn Fly and Surf with, because technically you can already ride them in certain places!)

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kirbyu2036d ago

I still wanna ride Magikarp.

OddChild2031d ago

Magikarp would be pretty hilarious!


My shiny Metagross (Terabyte) and I would like to speak to Gamefreak about this subject.