Naughty Dog Takes Liberties With A Map

Naughty Dog has recently been in the news for their new game The Last of Us, but not about how good the game is or anything per say, but because people feel that they used Ellen Page’s likeness for Ellie. Now it has come to light that Naughty Dog might have allegedly ripped off someone else with their new game.

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Redrum0591966d ago

its a damn picture of a map, how exactly is this a work of art. it just seems like this guy wants to get paid.

I mean, damn!
its just a f***ing map.
can someone please fill me in on whats so special about this map?

rainslacker1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Apparently the guy complaining owns copyrights to the drawing of the map. It appears there is a copyright marker in the non-game version they have in the bottom left of the map, but can't make it out. The map in question isn't an official map, but one re-imagined by the guy who's really mad.


More details on the official site for the guy.

He may be overreacting a bit. Says he's pissed off without finding out more about how they came to use it. Could have been provided by a third party or something.

Edit @ Ezz

In this case, it does appear the guy has a valid claim of copyright infringement. He drew the map to replace the original boston map which was apparently poorly designed. It was used in the game without his permission. Original work is copyright protected.

Not really sure how much he feels he's due for compensation, but he should have waited for an answer from Naughty Dog before going off on a rant.

G20WLY1966d ago

If the game hadn't hit the headlines for selling huge amounts, he wouldn't bother whining.

He's just after some of that ND gold...

ND should just give this muppet 20, pat him on the head and send him on his merry way.

imahustla191966d ago

fact is he drew the map he owns it and n e 1 that wants to use it needs his permission.Naughty dog is a stand up company and if they did do something like this i'm sure it was accidental & they will surly make things right IF this guy has a legitimate claim.

Ezz20131966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

yeah , this is getting very lame and sad
first ellen comment got overblown when she wasn't even made or angry at all
in fact she was very cool and chill
just a comment

now it getting more silly with this damn map .. i mean come on , a map ?!....really ?!

can the gaming media get any lower

Edit : @rainslacker
yes i see what you mean

Dr Pepper1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

@ Redrum059

Someone created that visual representation of the city. It didn't just spring up out of nowhere. According to this, Naughty Dog took it and used it in their game without permission.

If this guy did create that map (and it isn't owned by a company, as in he made it for himself as a design piece), and then Naughty Dog used it without his permission, it is very messed up. In a design industry, these are very serious allegations, even if it is just a map. I've heard of artists being blacklisted from the game industry for copying work that didn't even make it through pre-production.

Wintersun6161966d ago

You're right, here's an article about how he came to originally make that map and keep the copyright to himself.


Redrum0591966d ago

ok, understood.
still think the guy overreacted.
maybe he should play the game at least

Reverent1966d ago

If I drew that map, I'd feel completely honored that it appeared in such a fantastic game.

Eyeco1966d ago

TBH I didn't even spot the map in the game, and even if I did I highly doubt it would have been a high point of the game, this guy is obviously trying to get paid

Dr Pepper1966d ago

If his work was put into the game, then why shouldn't he be compensated for it? Would it be ok for a studio to take your work and use it in a game without asking for your permission and compensating you for your time and effort? Because there are a hell of a lot of people who would not be ok with that (including studio heads who find out about such things).

Eyeco1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

If my work was a map, that was digitised into a small section of a game then I honestly wouldn't give a crap, If my work was a Song or a Movie then I would care, this guy is just being overly whiny.

Dr Pepper1966d ago

"If my work was a map, that was digitised into a small section of a game then I honestly wouldn't give a crap, If my work was a Song or a Movie then I would care, this guy is just being overly whiny."

You didn't answer my first question though, which was asking why HE shouldn't be compensated if it is indeed his work. Because you don't deem it worthy? If it wasn't worthy, why would they have used it in the game? It's his right to speak up if he believes he has been wronged, no matter how "whiny" you think he is.

Studios should not get away with using work without permission and/or compensation, no matter how insignificant you deem it. Where do you then draw the line? Oh, the studio copied a simple background character/creature? Since it wasn't a significant part of the game, the guy should just quit bitching. Oh the studio copied this guy's environment designs? well, since it was only a small region and not the majority of the map, he is just reacting in an overly dramatic way.

People work hard on these designs, and you'd be surprised at the amount of work that goes into some things that most people don't even notice. Just because everybody here is in love with the game doesn't excuse the fact that such an act would be very wrong if it indeed turns out to be true.

morganfell1966d ago

"If his work was put into the game, then why shouldn't he be compensated for it?"

Because if it is used for backfround scenery and not as a specific game item such as character navigation then he may not be due anything at all. And yes the guy is a jerk who sees an opportunity.

Dr Pepper1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

"Because if it is used for backfround scenery and not as a specific game item such as character navigation then he may not be due anything at all. And yes the guy is a jerk who sees an opportunity."

That is simply absurd. First of all, it is a "specific game item". It's a map relating to the location with discernible characteristics that was specifically chosen for that region. Why would it be required for character navigation to count? If they used his work to enhance their game world, then what they did was wrong. I cannot imagine what is going on in your head if you think someone is a jerk for wanting to be asked permission/given compensation from a company that allegedly used his creation.

isa_scout1966d ago

I get what you're saying, but if he designed it, and it went in the game I do think he is entitled to compensation. I didn't notice it in the game either, but there is no doubt that it is little things like maps, newspapers,and personal belongings that add weight to the setting of the game. I absolutely love The Last Of Us, and think he may be slightly overreacting, but if it were my work being infringed upon I would probably respond the same way regardless of how awesome the game is.

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3-4-51966d ago

Look at all you people basically advocating piracy.

When you don't value's ok?

When it has value to you personally, thne it's not ?

Almost all of you are not thinking this through correctly.

The only reason he found out about this was because the game was popular.....

If it wasn't he wouldn't have ever known, but it would have STILL been stealing.

Naughty Dog better not complain when people download this game for free then, otherwise they are hypocrites.


so it's ok to copy the Mona Lisa, because there is grass and trees in the background and people don't own grass or trees ?

I don't think so....

If the copyright is there....then Naughty has to pay up.

I'm sick of listening to people knock one dev while sticking up for another, just because they like the game.

Pathetic really.

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drifter861966d ago

All of a sudden everyone is coming up with something. Everyone wants to be mentioned on this game negative or positive due to it's success. I understand about getting a license to use a photo found on the internet but c'mon to say you're furious about a picture and you demand shit is straight childish. First go to the developer make your case and if they turn you down then bitch; not prior to actually even talking to anyone. Total jerks want hits and attention.

CrossingEden1966d ago

evidently you aren't an artist and have never felt the anger of someone stealing your work that you spent hours on

rainslacker1966d ago

If an artist created some work, and it is used without their permission, and that artist feels he should be compensated, then that is their right, and a court will see that as well.

However, I do agree that he should have waited to hear back from ND. I just finished this game about 2 hours ago, and while watching the credits, I noticed they outsourced work to Shanghai. It's possible they did some of the art work, and supplied this art. In which case they could be held accountable, because I'm sure that their contract stipulated not to use any copyrighted work, or to get permission to use it. If this is the case, the guy is accusing ND without proper context, and his anger is misplaced.

Not saying that is the case, just one possibility among many, and maybe the guy should be a little more level headed before he throws around such accusations.

Blackdeath_6631966d ago

i know. this whole ellen page similarities was mentioned as soon as the game was announced and was dealt with as soon as it was mentioned. ND changed the appearance of ellie to avoid such comparisons not sure what all the fuss is about

isa_scout1966d ago

I agree, why was it no one really mentioned Ellies' revamped appearance after ND changed her slightly following the VGA trailer? Everyone seemed completely ok with it, but now that the game is a masterpiece and selling extremely well people want to complain about Ellies' looks.

jerethdagryphon1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

it possible someone posted the immage on a royalty free site or more likly

nd saw the pic and asked mbta whose stamp is on the image if they could use it.

mbta asssumed it was the official one and said yea

also slightly relevent in terms of if this was licenced its from london but im sure most places have some form of map licencing arangment

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Bhuahahaha1966d ago

err wtf next ND ripped off some part of earth
oh and yes they also ripped off one of my favorite bottle can drinks. and that car how dare you nd and look that tree over there why did you do it?

fr0sty1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

This dude doesn't specify anywhere on his page that these images are posted on his site are copyrighted. Only when you go to where he posted them on his flikr account do you see that it has a copyright on it. While ND should have contacted him about it, he should be more specific when posting his work online by watermarking his work or at least specifying when he posts the image that he expects to be compensated for the use of it. The only thing he specifies on his page about the image is that he has prints of it for sale.

rainslacker1966d ago

Doesn't matter. You don't need to register or claim anywhere that something is copyrighted.


Do I have to register with your office to be protected?
No. In general, registration is voluntary. Copyright exists from the moment the work is created. You will have to register, however, if you wish to bring a lawsuit for infringement of a U.S. work. See Circular 1, Copyright Basics, section

and from

"If it doesn't have a copyright notice, it's not copyrighted."

This was true in the past, but today almost all major nations follow the Berne copyright convention. For example, in the USA, almost everything created privately and originally after April 1, 1989 is copyrighted and protected whether it has a notice or not. The default you should assume for other people's works is that they are copyrighted and may not be copied unless you know otherwise. There are some old works that lost protection without notice, but frankly you should not risk it unless you know for sure.

AusRogo1966d ago

Next up, some dude will grow a beard and claim Joel was based on his likeness.. come the fuck on!

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