Sonic Lost World’s Wii U multiplayer modes aren’t online

Sonic Lost World will allow players to participate in online multiplayer… the 3DS version, that is. SEGA has confirmed that the Wii U’s multiplayer offerings won’t be online.

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exfatal1946d ago

That really sucks, guessing sega isnt to familiar with Wii U's online network to risk it? A shame really.

sinncross1946d ago

Then why does the 3DS version have online? I cant imagine they are running on completely unique network infrastructures (unless I am mistaken then my apologies)

Mario 3D Land WiiU also has no online MP. Which is strange. I think if Nintendo really wants to make online an important part of their eco system, games like this need to support online and not only offline MP.

Munnkyman1946d ago

Thats just so backwards

ZeekQuattro1946d ago

Doesn't bother me. I'm more alarmed that the game has mulitplayer and whether or not it will effect the single player game's length.

Triforce0791946d ago

Try nintendo want people to get used to asymmetrical MP,the wiiu has X that looks proper nextgen with 4 players co-op online,Wachdogs wiiu is online,blackops2,ect ect ???

All u trolls make me laugh wiiu has asymmetrical gameplay and nintendo will push this in certain games end of,even if it means no online,but don't expect fps,racing games,rpg's,sports games,ect to have no online it wont happen wiiu has a more robust online than LIVE or PSN i've owned all 3.