XBOX ONE vs. PS4 Which You Should Get and Why

TechExclusive: "Well, a game console “harvest time” is once again upon us and as expected, the two giants, Microsoft and Sony are both vying for your hard-earned money."

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BadboyCivic1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

In the perfect world, both.. In reality, PS4

Price is a major factor

Hatsune-Miku1942d ago

get a ps4 because its 50% more powerful than xbox one and itll have way more exclusive titles of high quality based on history of the playstation generations.

1942d ago
The_Con-Sept1941d ago

For me... It is all about value.

Xbox One has a few games that I am interested in, but they are far too few from what I wanted to see. Once again it is shooter central on Xbox with one racer. Those aren't for me.

then xbl.... No. Tv features can wait until I am 70 years old.

PlayStation with PlayStation plus alone is enough to hold me over. But when all of the games I really am interested in are on one console plus a few extras? PS4.

Sorry but Microsoft's console once again isn't very attractive to me. It is simply the games.

My_Outer_Heaven1941d ago

I prefer Sony, mainly because I trust them more but even I know that's not true... both systems have great exclusives it's why people who can afford it buy both but I will be honest a majority of the games I enjoy more are multi-platform these days. I won't be getting an Xbox One because I've got a very powerful gaming PC. PS4 + PC = Win/Best Of Both Worlds.. in my opinion.

JokesOnYou1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Hatsune-Miku, I'll wait for proper spec bench tests of both consoles because we don't know how well the custom embedded eSRAM will work in combination with DDR3 in the X1, vs ps4 standard GDDR5. The eurogamer article looked at 1 aspect in a vacuum not the overall hardware running games in realtime, given the chip standard DDR3 is custum built with embedded 32mb eSRAM there is no real world comparison until X1 is released and spec tested at the very least logic suggests it has more performance than a standard DDR3, therefore any assertions without a proper bench test is speculation. No different if I said that the Azure cloud makes X1 more powerful than ps4= speculation.

Here you go from a reputable independent tech site: 
"Depending on how the eSRAM is managed, it’s very possible that the Xbox One could have comparable effective memory bandwidth to the PlayStation 4"

-So there is no confirmation that ps4 is more powerful, short of bench testing actual units its all guess work, lol but Either way given the hardware similarities this gen there's less of a gap in raw performance this gen than last gen, which means devs have plenty of power for both and likely wont see any noticeable difference in graphics/performance of multis, then of course indivdual devs talent+budget will play a part in what we see from exclusives. Also YES ps4 is cheaper because micro is smart enough to include a high tech camera for consistent dev support in new ways to play games= X1 costs more. 

-All that said again thes articles dont add anything to the "reasons" why you should get 1 or the other.

ThatCanadianGuy5141941d ago


Are you actually serious right now?

zebramocha1941d ago

@joke you can't add the esram and ddr3 speed together like that because because the data move engines zaps bandwidth.

LNDCalling1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )


Whilst that 'may' limit the bandwidth difference between the XBoxOne and PS4, you seem to be forgetting the that PS4 has 6 (50%) more Compute Units than the XBoxOne 18 vs. 12, in addition to twice as many ROPS 32 vs. 16.

You can do what you want with the eSRAM but it isn't going to change the fact the PS4 is a more powerful piece of hardware!

Your comment "So there is no confirmation that ps4 is more powerful" doesn't seem to follow the facts.

On Subject: Get the console you believe will deliver you the games that appeal to you over the course of its lifetime. For me personally Sony (PS) has already proved they will deliver on this with regular, diverse quality titles.

JokesOnYou1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

No, Read the article it explains all this without getting too technical standard GDDR5 is more powerful than standard DDR3 but micro has added custom built embedded eSRAM are you saying it is useless or just continue to spout myths:

"There are merits to both approaches. Sony has the most present-day-GPU-centric approach to its memory subsystem: give the GPU a wide and fast GDDR5 interface and call it a day. It’s well understood and simple to manage. The downsides? High speed GDDR5 isn’t the most power efficient, and Sony is now married to a more costly memory technology for the life of the PlayStation 4.Microsoft’s approach leaves some questions about implementation, and is potentially more complex to deal with depending on that implementation. Microsoft specifically called out its 8GB of memory as being “power friendly”, a nod to the lower power operation of DDR3-2133 compared to 5.5GHz GDDR5 used in the PS4."

"Even if Microsoft can’t deliver the same effective memory bandwidth as Sony, it also has fewer GPU execution resources - it’s entirely possible that the Xbox One’s memory bandwidth demands will be inherently lower to begin with."

-So in a nutshell which system architecture will PERFORM better considering all these guys act like I'm making this up read various tech sites have similar comparison analysis from people who do tech for a living not fan service. Dont hate me for not believing fanboys who will take anything said in favor of what they want to bieve and twist it as if they have definitive fact about how these things work, I just research and try to educate myself with everything, so I'm not even saying which is more powerful I'm just saying tech heads say we dont know yet....tell them their wrong.

minimur121941d ago

Look at the photo

'nuff said.

Mikeyy1941d ago

Jokes... There is no way sony would waste mucho money on GDDR5 if it didn't give then an edge.

I'm very skeptical of this magic eSram.

UNGR1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

As of now the X1 technically had more exclusives, not counting indies. Just get both, no sense missing out on good games.

EDIT: @Mikeyy above me.

"There is no way sony would waste mucho money on GDDR5 if it didn't give then an edge."

They wasted money on the Cell processor and an overly expensive Bluray drive in the first generation of PS3's. They've wasted money before, they can do it again.

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Septic1941d ago

Price is definitely a strong factor but it is one of many.

The games are an important factor too. For me, personally (I REITERATE, FOR ME PERSONALLY) I prefer the games on X1 more FOR NOW.

I am buying both but if you're really torn between the two then you should strongly consider the PS4. Like the current generation, multi-platform games look set to be amazing next-gen and with the PS4, you will most likely get the technically superior one. Also, PS+ offers great value comparatively.

But yeah, you decide. Don't let a community bully you into submission.

DragonKnight1941d ago

Lol, I like that you have to put a disclaimer after virtually ever word just so the hardcore fanboys won't be able to find some reason to attack you. Though they'll still probably find a way.

Oh internet.

MsmackyM1941d ago

For me, I can't get over the fact that the Xbox One is a spybox. Especially since Microsoft was one of the first companies to cooperate with the NSA domestic spying program. Sure they say they Kinect doesn't record you, but I'm not about to trade my freedom/privacy for games. PS4=easy win

Septic1941d ago

@ DragonKnight

Lol, yeah man. I appear to have a legion of haters for some reason. I really, honestly, try be as objective as possible.

Ah well, it's not a bad thing if you're forever alone on N4G.

DragonKnight1941d ago

@Septic: Do you have a stalker yet? You're not truly hated until someone follows you around opposing you no matter what you're talking about. Lol.

Septic1941d ago


Haha yup I do. PM harassment and all. I feel your pain, trust me!

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SatanSki1941d ago

In a perfecect world, one you prefer. In reality, one with better exlusives. This time, one with less anemic hardware.

Sayai jin1941d ago

Ah that sucks. Price is not an issue for me so I will get both. Actually to of each, because my kids are gamers as well.

Hope you win a next gen console.

ichdich1941d ago

and NVIDIA 780 GTX costs 1000$ so what?

famoussasjohn1941d ago

Pre-ordered both of them. I personally can't wait for next gen. I got a few graduation gift cards so basically the PS4 is paid off and the Xbox is half paid off :D

minimur121941d ago

why not get a PS4, a couple years of subscription, and 8 games? :D

famoussasjohn1941d ago

minimur12 - That's pretty much the plan, minus the amount of games because I'd be broke! :P If only I could hit the lottery right now.

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wastedcells1942d ago

PS4, price, system specs and games. That was easy.

ape0071942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

both look amazing but ps4 is just a bit more tempting to get

seepamann1942d ago

Less Price
More Powerful
Great games
Remote play with vita
Naughty dog the giant developer
My favorite god of war series
Controller look stylish & comfort to play games
Replace Hard Drive manually

KillrateOmega1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

- More powerful hardware.
- Less expensive.
- Camera is optional.
- 20 exclusives within the first year, as opposed to the One's 15. Not to mention that, in recent years, Sony just has a better track record concerning exclusives.
- Superior indie support.
- Removable HDD.
- Gaikai for streaming and game storage, even for current-gen titles.
- Yoshida has confirmed that they are quite capable of cloud computing (Though it doesn't matter all that much for either company considering our current internet infrastructure).
- Remote play with Vita.
- Several services (Netflix, for example) are offered outside of the paywall.
- While PS+ may be required for most multiplayer games, F2P games like Planetside 2 can still be played without it.
- Only one PS+ account is needed on a PS4 in order for all other accounts on the system to play online.

Last, but not least...

- It's not being made by a company who, up until recently, was seemingly trying its best to screw over consumers.

ChozenWoan1941d ago

- NSA will likely have access to any info Kinect provides MS