IGN- Muramasa Rebirth Review

IGN:Muramasa Rebirth is a faithful port of Vanillaware’s classic action-RPG, one that absolutely shines on Vita’s OLED screen. It’s not only Vita’s prettiest game; it’s also a hell of a lot of fun to play. Immersive, stylish, and full of action, Muramasa Rebirth’s twin campaigns, multiple endings, hidden Demon Swords, massive exploration and other optional goodies are enough to keep you busy for a good long while. If you’ve never played Muramasa: The Demon Blade on the Wii, the Vita version is an excellent way to catch up.

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Xaphy1944d ago

nice getting this no doubt!

hulk_bash19871944d ago

Pre-ordered an picking it up after work. Can't wait.

TongkatAli1944d ago

Never got this on the Wii aka Resident Evil console.

TongkatAli1944d ago

I played a lot of Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil 1 on the Wii.

kB01944d ago

Still a low score considering the Wii version got more

"The only differences are a new translation, enhanced button-mapping, and HD graphics"

Which means it's equal to or better than the Wii version lol.

I think IGN needs to get their reviews to check the review score for the same game so that they don't write a review on it based on a completely new perspective...

8.0 vs 8.9 is a big difference:P

It's a day one buy for me...I already have too many Vita games to play...Jak is 3 and Epic mickey is fun too! but I'm looking forward to this and Hotline Miami!

TongkatAli1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Yeah, idk how they came up with that score, clowns.

The only con is "backtracking is a chore"......... what a noob.

kB01944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

agreed seems like backtracking is the devil on a handheld

You know whats one thing that would make the Vita or 3Ds 100% the most portable friendly system in the world?

Have Save States and Load States like emulators, where ur put straight into the action without having to kinda figure out what u lost or what u haven't done in between the saves.

Vita sorta does this with the multitasking but not quite complete:P

anyways food for thought, because games like Ninja gaiden...not travel friendly...LOL:P

CrossingEden1944d ago

evidently you've never played this game, there is literally nothing to do while backtracking -_- and seriously, using the word noob? he's an adult, pretty sure he doesn't care if keyboard warrior #24814624621641264821846148168 2648291648126482162186418686489 6128694218 calls him a noob

Arai1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Agreed, all things considered the Vita version is the one to own (between Vita/Wii) for a lot of reasons.

Not to mention it also has additional DLC which adds more to the overall experience (paid or not).

I'm expecting mine this week, importing the LE version through Amazon. I'll get the DLC also because Kamitani's art is top notch and those 4 characters all have their own weapon set and abilities.

I'll try and word this better since you seem confused by my post :P

admiralvic1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

That is paid DLC, not included DLC / extra content.

Isn't cheap either...

SpiralTear1944d ago

I never played this on Wii, but I always wanted to. Having such a great-looking game on a handheld system looks to be a winning move.

Inception1944d ago

Want this game and Vita. Oh well T_T

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