Xbox One: Microsoft Needs to Drop the Bells and Whistles, and Stick to Making Good Games

The decisions Microsoft originally took with the Xbox One were like shooting yourself in the foot as you are falling down the grave you yourself dug. Luckily, Microsoft came to its senses and, in a victory for delayed intelligence everywhere, backtracked. Unfortunately, despite changing one really bad policy, Microsoft is clinging to something else about Xbox One that is terrible: It is not focusing on the actual games.

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Burrito26a1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Title edit. "....'Start' making good games."

-Mika-1944d ago

They have already made and funded good games so im not understand your comment.

Burrito26a1944d ago

It'll come to you in a minute.

KillrateOmega1944d ago


There's a dirty joke here, but I won't be the one to make it.

YNWA961944d ago

Burritos make me shlt.... so appropriate that comment came from your mouth... Some of the best games came from Xbox too.... and I bet you have one, but you are just a sad fanboy...

ProudGamer1944d ago

But have you seen Titanfall?! Nuff said! Conversation over!


dark-hollow1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Are people here f**king serious? You all MOANED and bitched for Microsoft to have more exclusives than the usual gears/ halo and fable. Now that you got a great lineup of exclusives, with new IPs like Titanfall, quantum break, ryse, project spark, D4, etc.

You still complain? I said long time ago here that its not about the games, its about blind brand loyalty and fanboyism, and your comments of bashing Microsoft for not showing enough games (even though they did even more than Sony's E3) prove me right. Nothing will satisfy you, unless the games has "only on PlayStation" tag on the box....

YNWA961943d ago

Dark Hollow, things will mellow out when these people enter the real world that exists outside of video games, maybe when some meet someone other than there own hand and look back and realise what an asswhole they have been.... again, great games are crap if its on another system, yet they claim to be true gamers....

TXIDarkAvenger1943d ago


^This guy gets it. MS is bringing games just like YOU wanted so why bitch about it.

KillrateOmega1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Pretty much this.

Listen, I'm a gamer. The main thing I care about is games, after all, I'm a GAMER. The extra apps and features are nice, but as far as I'm concerned, they're just that: EXTRAS.

What sparked my passion for this hobby all those years ago, wasn't the prospect of me being able to watch TV on my console in the future, it was the games that I feel in love with. Simple as that.

ltachiUchiha1944d ago

Well said mate. Cant put it any other way but maybe better pricing aswell & consistent support with games through the whole life of a consoles life cycle.

fsfsxii1944d ago

Apps and features are teh "FUTURE"

ltachiUchiha1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Well i can download free music & movies right now with my ps3 & also go on facebook & browse the net for free. Im actually writing this from my ps3 & submitting articles as we speak. Welcome to the future, your late.

loulou1944d ago

Did you see e3?? I saw nothing but games. No metion of apps or tv. Xbox one is already looking unmissable

YNWA961944d ago

Sony built a great machine for todays gamers... GREAT MACHINE... X1, also a great machine, but MS had its eyes on further down the road, but anyway, I am getting both, none of this is better or that is better... just looking forward to great gaming... something apparently not allowed, must pick one console and be an ass about it....

Aceman181944d ago


200% agree been gaming for over 30 years, and the only thing I care about on a gaming console is the games.

All the other stuff is just extras which are nice but they don't excite me like the games do.

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etownone1944d ago

As far as "games"

Xbox one has the ps4 beat in my opinion.

Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Titanfall, and KI.

All amazing looking exclusives for day one.

Bennibop1944d ago

2 maybe 3 of those are likely timed exclusives and another is a half sized downloadable title that not that popular outside of America. We need to wait until all cards are laid on the table before we start going on who has the better exclusives! We have Gamescom and TGS to go and have not seen games from MM, Santa Monica, studio Japan, Quantic Dream and Naughty Dog.

ltachiUchiha1944d ago

Ryse is a god of war wannabe & so far its had bad previews. Dead rising 3 is a next gen zombie game with the dumbest ai ive seen so far for a zombie game. Heck state of decay is a 360 & pc game & the ai on that is more advanced then dead rising lol. Forza 5 will be good but its got good competition. Titanfall looks great but too bad its only multiplayer & shouldnt be a full price game. As for Kill Switch it wont be the same without rare behind it. Pretty good lineup but nothing that we havent seen done.

Bennibop1944d ago

Ryse did look like a poor mans God of War (a game which I do not like)just without the interesting setting. Dead Rising games have never been that great so see no reason why thats going to change (ariel bombardments using your mobile not really needed!) and it wont stand up ahainst The Last of Us

dark-hollow1944d ago

Because having the game sit in ancient Rome = god of war clone /s

JBSleek1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

I thought Microsoft had better games than Sony this E3. If it comes purely to games in my opinion the One is off to a really good start.

loulou1944d ago

What a surprise. A fanboy piece posted on n4g from some obscure site.. And look who found it.. One of the worst sony trolls on n4g.

Another day another low on n4g.

Btw, imo microsoft showed better games tham sony at e3

ltachiUchiha1944d ago

Yeah because greenpowers would post ps4 good news on here. /s

YNWA961944d ago

Itachi, come back with something better... Greenpowers comes and goes.... a troll, but do not use him as your basis of an arguement...

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