Opinion: Why Mobile Games Are Good For The Video Game Industry

Game Informer - I recently came across this user review for Angry Birds Star Wars in the App Store: “Best game ever made!!!”

Oh, boy.

I can’t help but cringe when I see these sorts of comments. People are entitled to their own opinions, of course, and flinging miniature birds toward destructible objects is indeed a swell time. Nevertheless – and I say this as plainly as I can – Angry Birds Star Wars is not the best game ever made.

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BozoLoco1943d ago

I think it is a double-edged sword. The thing with open publishing and indie games is that, while it's great that there is such uncompromised creativity, the industry will eventually buckle under the weight of it all.

I'd even go as far to say that the mobile industry has fractured the games industry as a whole, because it has initiated business models that gamers aren't actually ready for (as seen with the Xbox One).

The primary problem with the games industry as a whole is that creatives and consumers are very hostile towards the big corporations, but the industry as a whole needs some sort of sound financial stability to stay viable and avoid a crash. Mobile games are making this difficult.

Hufandpuf1942d ago

I agree, but how can the games industry evolve if they don't take risks? Back then, the only games that got noticed were from word of mouth and it was very hard to make money that way. Only the best games were able to make enough profit to do sequels or stay afloat.

Today, there are many ways to get noticed for your hard work, such as indie games, mobile, and digital only releases. which has in turn exposed the industry to some great games that we'd never have the chance to experience if the industry today was what it is 6-7 years ago. I say embrace the change because this way more and more games have a chance to wow us and deserve our attention.

Dannehkins1942d ago

Mobile gaming is evolving very quickly as well and I think that's partly due to the ever changing hardware landscape of the devices they are played on. Snapdragon, Tegra, Exynos are getting refreshed and more powerful each year so more and more is possible.

Though as it stands, mobile gaming can't replace console gaming. In fact, I like to think of it better as they both compliment each other. Gaming now covers a broad spectrum of target people which is brilliant. Console gaming provides the immersive, cinematic experiences that you would enjoy playing at home or with friends and mobile gaming provides you with that on the go experience. Something that you enjoy easily, beats the boredom out whatever you doing and something that is simple.

I also think mobile gaming has a lot of creativity in it. There's not that one game that everyone is trying to copy. We went through that stage of this console generation where a lot of FPS developers were trying to replicate the COD experience.

So all in all, they coexist together and I think on the whole things are looking good.