Sorry, Team Deathmatch. You're Not As Good As Other Modes.

Kotaku - Slayer. Deathmatch. Arena. Free-for-all. The mode has many names, but your aim stays the same: kill everyone, as many times as possible. Maybe there's a time limit or a kill limit, but it usually comes down to some variation of "the person or team with the most kills wins." Simple, seductive...and kind of mindless.

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KillrateOmega1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Yeah. Deathmatch is fun and all, but after a while I'll start to lose interest.

I find myself playing more objective-based game modes nowadays. I enjoy the increased emphasis on teamwork. It also seems to attract a more intelligent, and consequently, mature crowd.

snipab8t1940d ago

Agreed. Modes like Rush from Battlefield are far more enjoyable than Deathmatch as players work together and when you win it feels so much more gratifying.

KingKevo1940d ago

Worst gamemode ever and imho the one that is the most unbalanced and yeah, messed up when it comes to spawns and so on. It's also the mode where most of the casuals go to and then loose interest in the game. ME, I startetd with Deathmatch (FFA) then Domination and then SnD. I still don't get why so many people like TDM. I'm a guy who like havin an objective and simple killing isn't enough of an objective for me.