Playstation 3 The Last of Us Gaming on a New Level

By Michael Smith

The Last of Us features that perfect blend of believable characters; great character developing plot, and a world so real that it feels as though when you’ve finished the game you can open your front door and be confused as to why your (our) world looks so different.

I can honestly say the the Playstation 3 exclusive The Last of Us affected me in ways that only David Cage and his Heavy Rain game did before. I sometimes laughed, but mostly I got involved, cried; got angry; felt sad, and truly cared about Joel, Ellie, Tess, Henry and even the surly loner Bill. This was a game that I lived and it took the gaming experience to a whole new level. Expect to see Naughty Dog clear the boards come award time this year. If you play nothing else this year, make sure it is this game.

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purpleblau1944d ago

Well said. We all feel it. Best game I've ever played in a loooong time, period!

listenkids1944d ago

I had a strange experience finishing the game, I finished like I finish any game, happy with myself and the game overall, then about 4 hours later I had the most overwhelming feelings, like a delayed reaction, it could have knocked me out.

What a game, you think about everything and it's all plus points.

Cannot wait to see where Druckman goes next, as well as Naughty Dog in general.


ZILLA1944d ago

It almost doesnt even feel like a game,ur more like a director in a is a masterpiece and that almost putting it lightly.and when your done with story more into multiplayer.if i had to describe it in one word...SIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!online insanity

YNWA961944d ago

Meh.... I am enjoying it, it is very good, but I always get an urge to go back to skyrim... A nice cuppa tea, but not my preferred blend, but still quality game....

jonboi241944d ago

The Ocarina of Time of this generation.

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