American McGee Announces OZombie - A Dark Take on The Wizard of Oz

American McGee has today announced OZombie, a new take on The Wizard of Oz for PC, Linux, Mac and tablets. You can donate via Kickstarter, as well as read through the history of the game. It'll be predominantly single player with a focus on "roleplaying and tactical combat."

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matgrowcott1945d ago

Although this isn't the same game he was originally working on, the fact that American McGee is working on an Oz game is almost surreal after all these years.

Like a Duke Nukem Forever actually getting released level of surreal.

starchild1945d ago

Cool. I liked the Alice games. More games for the PC is always nice.

r211945d ago

Good to see McGee still make weird new takes on classic stories :) Loved Alice Madness Returns.