Head2Head: The Next Generation (Xbox One Vs PlayStation 4)

Lens of Truth writes "The biggest news at E3, hands down, was the next generation of consoles. It was hard to escape the hubub to find anyone talking about anything other than the PS4 and the Xbox One. But it’s understandable; we only really get new tech like this one a decade."

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RudeSole Devil2032d ago

Yea Xbox one is the better system for software and online forsure. But ps4 is the power house for graphics and exclusives. UNIT

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Merrill2032d ago

Neither system has been released, so please don't make such statements. You have no idea what you're talking about.

RudeSole Devil2032d ago

What are you talking about, the systems are final and in production, the specs released at E3 our official as it gets. The dev kits are out developers have been using those spec. PS4 is more powerful plan and simple end of story.

Merrill2032d ago

Yes I know the PS4 is more powerful.

But you stating the Xbone 180 will be better for software and online is ridiculous. At least wait for them both to be released and actually running on the actual system.

THamm2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

MS needs to remove Kinect to be able to think of competing. Disagree all you want, people will not pay $100 extra for it and casual gamers will not care for any technical positives. If anything people will wait 1-2 years to even consider based on the line up, and if it even goes that far

Popoffboy1877182032d ago

Better system in no way. Name one must buy 4 that brand.

RudeSole Devil2032d ago

Infamous second son, killzone, god of war, last of us 2, uncharted 4, ratchet an clank and the list goes on.

Benchm4rk2032d ago

Please dont use games that havnt even been announced as comparison for first party titles.

HammadTheBeast2032d ago

You're right there's no one must buy.....


Popoffboy1877182032d ago

I know Sony got the goodz lol ! I'm sayin name a blockbuster 4 Microsoft and one that's good not talkin sales. Don't trust Microsoft haven't had a gd new Ip since gears one i love some 360 back then. This not the same heads behind the Xbox brand. Xbox had some good momentum then people left things change

RudeSole Devil2032d ago (Edited 2032d ago )

Lol my bad, to many awesome exclusives for Sony. But iI will be getting Halo and the new gears for sure.

TheCrazyMerc2032d ago

To be honest, I don't really like the Xbox One's exclusives, all I saw was straight up shooters didn't really give it a glance. I'm looking for more of a diverse console that can cater to every single genre, and thats why I'm going PS4.

A-laughing-horse2032d ago

Like killzone?

Ryse wasn't a fps. Don't be a hater.

Godmars2902032d ago

No, Ryse isn't a FPS. Its a quicktime game which plays its own quicktime events. Currently it does anyway.

I'm still looking at the WiiU for the Monolith game. A price drop at this point.

Besides Second Son and Crimson Dragon, nothing on either side of the current console whine-fest has my attention, though honestly, there's far less appeal in bothering with an XB1 game which use to be and likely still is on XBLA.

And then there's the system's other baggage.

Deividas2032d ago

I dont know if you watched any interviews on how people felt on playing Ryse...they were not a was beyond basic combat and all quicktime. Looks gorgeous but boring.

Jaqen_Hghar2032d ago

Ryse looked horrible. It's like they tried to make Heavy Rain into an action game and it turned out horribly wrong. Sorry but a man thought it looked like a bad tech demo. Also Knack, Infamous, Killzone, and the Order (though that's just a trailer but a man likes the concept) look awesome with more coming at Gamescom.

THEDON82z12032d ago

This article while having some good points was completely flawed in others.... I will sit back and let the N4G COMMUNITY BE THE JUDGE ON THIS ONE!!!!!!!

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