Troy Baker on TLOU Scene: "The Second Most Difficult Day of my Life", Druckmann "Best Director Ever"

**SPOILER WARNING** for opening to the game. "It was an interesting time over on a particular thread started on GameFaqs this past weekend, which stemmed from an article we published last week (major spoilers at the link if you haven’t beaten the game), with the thread title being “Troy Baker may not want to come back to [The] Last of Us.”" - PSLS

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Prcko1969d ago

watch out

Blackdeath_6631969d ago

thanks that was helpful. bubbs+

blitz06231969d ago

lolol all because of GameFAQs and its smartasses

P_Bomb1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

No doubt. Gamefaqs' TLOU board has unfortunately been inundated with pretentious contrarians looking for any and every reason to stir the pot.

It's good he responded, but sad at the same time he had to get dragged into flamebait. But in the end, we can put it to rest with a nice "I would work for that man, for Bruce Straley and the entire Naughty Dog team any day of the week and twice on Sunday."

jc485731969d ago

surprisingly, docman864 apologized at gamefaqs for being a smartass.

ajax171969d ago

You saved my ass! I still haven't got this.

Wedge191969d ago

Spoiler Alert! Need to play this game I guess.

doctorstrange1969d ago

They all turn into geese made of cheese at the end.

TrendyGamers1969d ago

GAH! You just ruined everything!

What kind of cheese?

kneon1969d ago

Various kinds of mouldy cheese of course ;)

RandomDude6551969d ago

It was their planet all along.

Dee_911969d ago

David: We're from a larger group - geese, ducks - we're all very very hungry.
Ellie: So am I - geese and ducks - all very hungry too.

moparful991967d ago

My favorite is when Ellie smears the fromunda cheese in Joel's face

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izumo_lee1969d ago

IF he is talking about THAT scene, i agree with Troy. He nailed that moment (as well as the other actors involved) that really set the mood & tone for the game.

All great directors want more out of their actors & if Neil felt that Troy could deliver more that is his job. Sure actors can get upset but at the end of the day it will be all worth it.

TLOU is a pinnacle in game design, game direction, & game acting.

GribbleGrunger1969d ago

But the ironic thing is, Neil wanted less. That's how you do it folks. None of this Walt-Dineyesque OTT nonsense.

GenericNameHere1969d ago

Yeah, it was the beautiful intro that he's talking about. If you watch Grounded - The Making of The Last of Us, you can see his first take was WAY over the top. He told Neil to remind him when the day that "shoot" comes, and wow haha. He did 5-6 reshoots, but none were good, so he got called in another time, and was pissed he had to do it again. 8-9 shoot was when he finally calmed down, and had the perfect shoot. His face in the video definitely looked like he was pissed off at Neil. I wouldn't blame him though. Him and Sarah's actress had to legitimately cry. I don't think I'd be able to do that after the third shoot.

CrimsonStar1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Yea one of the few games that made me cry. Very beautiful game .

McScroggz1969d ago

Neil Druckman is really making a name for himself. I cannot wait to see what else he and Naughty Dog has in store for us. And the fact that Troy Baker and Nolan North have such a great relationship and respect for ND only gives me reason to be more confident and excited for future games.

moparful991967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

I honestly think that Naughty Dog should create a movie studio with Druckman at the helm, the amazing actors in Troy as well as Nolan and the others, Amy Henning and her top notch writers, and of course Sony's deep involvement in the films industry it just seems like it was meant to be.. They have a wealth of content that could easily translate to the big screen with Uncharted and now the Last of Us..

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