Watch Dogs Is Scarier Than It Was Ever Meant To Be

GR: "Extensive and intrusive multiplayer collides with a major intelligence and spying scandal to give Ubisoft's open-world action game a horrific angle on our lives."

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dbjj120881940d ago

I can't be the only one planning griefing tactics for launch, right?

Wedge191940d ago

All of this intelligence spying stuff isn't real, it's just marketing for Watch_Dogs. Snowden? Yeah, Ubisoft employee, crazy I know.

fr0sty1940d ago

Michael Hastings was murdered by Ubisoft too. Bradley Manning also works for Ubi.

dbjj120881940d ago

I heard President Obama is a mole for Ubisoft in the White House.


it does look like GOTY tbh

dbjj120881940d ago

Even over The Last of Us? It probably will be for me. I love open-world games.

Cmk01211940d ago

I wonder how it will work, can you only enter your friends games or anyone's, can you kill them? Or just hack?is what they do undoable? Limitless , can't wait for more detial

dbjj120881940d ago

The developers have said that you'll be able to set limits to invasions, or shut them off completely.

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