Over 70 Games are Hitting the Wii U from now till Early Next Year

Check out this massive 16 minute video of the upcoming Wii U games to hit the eShop and retail.

While the Wii U is lacking major third-party support. Indie developers are supporting this console in full force.

Here is the full list of games from the video:

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DivineAssault 1995d ago

Hopefully theres some great exclusives incoming other than whats been announced.. Bayo 2 & X are all im interested in.. The mario kart, smash bros, & mario 3d world will be mine at some point but im in no rush to buy them after seeing them in action.. Seems as if i have no use for the gamepad cuz i would much rather play all these games without it.. Why did nintendo push for this dual screen gaming if they arent doing much with it? Playing off the TV is ok n all but i dont share my 55in with anyone so i dont need to do it.. I would much rather see these games on my LED than the gamepad..

exfatal1995d ago

then use the Pro controller?.. dont see the problem here. off screen is there if u want it not forcing u to use it. i do agree that nintendo needs to use there gamepad though for more one of a kind gameplay.

Xof1994d ago

I haven't played my WiiU that much (just got it yesterday) but from what little I've seen, I really don't care for most of the different "varieties" of gameplay it offers.

In terms of supplementary gameplay potential, I think it is best utilized in much the same way as the secondary screen on the DS/3DS--that is "passive" gameplay, like menus, maps, etc.

In either case, I think the player should always be spending most of his or her time looking at one screen.

DivineAssault 1993d ago

The problem is that i bought the wii u thinking that games nintendo makes will have great features on the gamepad they packed into the box.. I spent an extra $50 on a pro controller just so i can play games comfortably? It shouldve been packed in if they werent going to do much with the gamepad

Theyellowflash301993d ago


You don't have a Wii U

Neonridr1994d ago

agree with you exfatal. I am married with an 11 month old son. Having the off screen play is a huge bonus for me because it allows the wife to have the TV and I can still be playing my games.

I agree it's not a feature for everyone, but I get really good range on my gamepad, so the fact that I can take it down one floor below me and go lie down on my bed if I want is a wicked plus.

exfatal1995d ago

Seeing this games lined up really shows off the diversity in the games coming out this and next year. Looking forward to picking some of these up. especially the indies shovel knight and mutant eternal darkness look like great fun. and of course i'll be getting most if not all of nintendo's games. Bayoneeta and 101 also on the list.

BullyMangler1995d ago

1. Road Rash 2

2. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

3. Monolith -X-

4. The Viewtiful 101

5. Bayonetta 2- pervy edition

6. Wind Waker H.D. 1080p

7. Eternal Darkness 2

8. Yoshi's witchCraft yarn

9. Smash bros 4

10. Mario Kart 8

11. Pikmin 3

and is only the beginning? dayumM

Starbucks_Fan1995d ago

Don't forget the new 3D Mario game :D

CaulkSlap1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

7. Eternal Darkness 2

Shadow of the Eternals? I hope that actually gets made. Looks a long ways off.

quantae061994d ago

Fire Emblem x Shin Megami

Xof1994d ago

Several of those games are "TBA 2014." I, for one, wouldn't expect to see Monolith's RPG until Q4 2014 at the earliest.

But, yeah: the WiiU is finally starting, only 8 months into it's first year--which, while 2 months slower than the 3DS, is still 16 months faster than the PS3.


Also: the list on the site seems to be bogus. I got excited when I saw the Yakuza collection, so I ran to find a release date... only to find that it, apparently, has not been announced for an overseas release.

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Ninte1995d ago

Just bought a wii u and i better crack open it and start playing.

TongkatAli1994d ago

Wii U is getting plenty of support this year.

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