Getting The Most Out of PlayStation Plus

NZ Gamer - You’ll have to take my word that I’m not just a Sony fanboy (I’m not, I promise!) as I gush about PlayStation Plus for a bit. To put it bluntly, PS+ is an awesome service, and if you have a PS3 or PS Vita, or plan to get a PS4, I’d highly recommend signing up.

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o-Sunny-o3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

My idea how PS4 should do...

PS+ standard version(PS4 only) 25$ a year
Online multiplayer
Cloud saves 1gb
Free themes/avatars

PS+ existing version (PS3,Vita,PS4)50$ for a year
Discounts for up to 75%
Full Game Trials
Online Multiplayer
Free themes/avatars
Free games every month
Cloud saves 3gb
Gaikai discounted +
Access online game guides +

+ at the end are things I had in mind they could add to plus.

Snookies123509d ago

Very nice ideas there. Would be great if that was indeed how it turned out. I suppose we'll have to just wait and see though. I honestly don't mind paying for PS+ on the PS4. I love the service anyway, and I'm sure others will too if they give it a try. :]

Transporter473509d ago

honestly the price at this point is fine, is not even expensive, if you can't afford 49.99 just pay for 17.99 for 3 months.

They give you so many full games that in one month it pays for itself....

Cam9773509d ago

And the automatic downloads/updates, those can't be left out. With the PS4 they should release a barebones version of Plus without the games that only offers access to the multiplayer portion of games for those on a budget or those who aren't primarily multiplayer gamers.

Hadoukameha3509d ago

Bad idea. If too many people opt for the cheaper version, regular subscribers and Sony's bottom line might be affected.

admiralvic3509d ago

Honestly speaking, the difference in your two models is so vast, that it really begs the question of how many wouldn't just pay the extra $25 for the better version. $50 dollars isn't a ton of money and 1 year of plus across 3 platforms is bound to give you something that makes up for your investment.

o-Sunny-o3508d ago

Thanks for the replies! ^~^
I just want see what people think.

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buynit3509d ago

I'm a new member and plan on continuing that subscription into the ps4 and beyond... I can't believe I've been paying for live for so long, I missed out on so many free games!

I don't know how you guys that's had it for yrs keep up with games! I'm just going into my 2nd month and I already feel lost in a video game store. Lol

I'm glad Sony did the hdd they way they did.

Sony ftw

Sorry I joined the party so late

o-Sunny-o3508d ago

Plus is so good. Welcome aboard. ^~^