Return Of The $750 Gaming PC Build: Now With Blu-Ray, Modular PSU, Double The SSD Storage

Forbes - In April I posted an article titled “How To Build A Powerful Gaming PC For $750 — SSD And Operating System Included.” In less than three months it has attracted a shocking amount of views and inspired throngs of readers to wade into the exciting waters of PC gaming. Hundreds of you built that system, but some of you asked what could be accomplished with the same $750 budget if you didn’t need to purchase another copy of Windows. This build is for you, and it’s a ridiculously exciting one.

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josephayal1943d ago

Nice PC, Powerful just like X1 and PS4

Corpser1943d ago

And cheaper in the long run not having to pay $50-60 a year to play online

starchild1943d ago

Cheaper games and not having to pay for the privilege to game online more than makes up for any higher up front costs to build a rig.

GrownUpGamer1943d ago

"Nice PC, Powerful just like X1 and PS4"

With this? ---> AMD FX-4100 3.6GHz Quad-Core


add $100 more for this ----> AMD FX-8350 Vishera 4.0GHz (4.2GHz Turbo) Eight-Core Processor.

Then YES

SpecialK1943d ago

tbh I went with a 6300 and i reckon that would probably be alright next gen. Once games take advantage of multi core more.

Might need 8350 if you want max on every game though. I think they probably decided to go cheap on the CPU to leave as much money as possible for the GPU. Which makes sense as if anything between the cpu ad gpu its the latter that will create a bottleneck next gen.

Im only using a 7770 atm which is a bit worrying with 1gb vram. but i doubt developers will ditch it just yet, Im gonna wait for consoles to shake thing up a bit, we might see cards with more vram go down in price a bit.

GrownUpGamer1943d ago

Oh funny i have dissagrees on what i said.

JsonHenry1943d ago

3.6ghz quad is overkill for gaming right now and probably well into the next-generation of consoles lifespan as well. If you were going to spend 100.00 more then get a better GPU. It will pay off more in the long run.

spdarksky1943d ago

8-core AMD Jaguar/Kabini x86-64 CPU on the PS4 is a mobile type CPU that uses lower power and produces lesser heat.

So it is just not comparable to the PC big boys. AMD CPU for PC is more expensive and more powerful even with lesser core and lower speed.

I'm not against console in any means. Further more putting AMD FX-8350 with AMD Jaguar is just like saying Ferrari Maranello is at the same league as Bugatti Veyron.

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Corpser1943d ago


PS4/X1 have 4GHz CPUs?

GrownUpGamer1943d ago

AMD FX-4100 3.6GHz Quad-Core vs AMD FX-8350 Vishera 4.0GHz (4.2GHz Turbo) >>> Eight-Core <<<

Mr Tretton1943d ago

I've been seeing josephayal troll every day for a long time, and everyone still takes the bait.

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project_pat361943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Sorry but if you want a Powerful PC, you wont want to be on a budget...

Very happy I spent a few hundred dollars more.

Mr Tretton1943d ago

I have to agree with projectpat, you'll find yourself wanting to upgrade soon after you built that budget PC.

CoolBeansRus1943d ago

This holiday season i will be spending $500 on my next gen console, my PC.

thebudgetgamer1943d ago

But that's not a console at silly goose.

CoolBeansRus1943d ago

i know. But i rather upgrade my pc than buy a next gen console. All the games i want are coming out on pc. Ill wait till the price drops or any major defects are fixed.

The_Truth_24_71943d ago

Still not as powerful as the PS4 or XboxOne.

JsonHenry1943d ago

More powerful than either actually.

starchild1943d ago

Pretty decent build. Personally, though, I would prefer to skip the blurry drive and ssd and put that money into the graphics card and processor. It will give you a much faster, leaner gaming focused machine.

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