E3 2013: Killzone Shadow Fall Preview - STFUandPLAY

During their big Playstation 4 reveal event in February, Sony spent a lot of time showcasing Killzone Shadow Fall. This game was also a big hit during E3. Here’s a preview to get you guys prepared for it.

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GiggMan1944d ago

Finding time for this and BF4 is going to be a challenge. I love both series.

ssj271943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

I may get BF4 later, once it comes with free dlc maps packs and the extras that may give a better experience to the actual game if there is nothing greater to buy by that time and is at a cheaper price than a new game ..
but i will give my full attention to KILLZONE SF first. I bet their MP will be more fun like it always is and hardcore.
BF4 does seem better than the old ones this time on the PS4.. but their exclusive deals with xbone will force them to not use the full PS4 spec's sadly plus time exclusive dlc is a finger to the PlayStation and PC community.