How to Farm Supplies in The Last of Us Multiplayer

Junkie Monkeys: I was recently asked about maintaining such a high amount of survivors in The Last of Us multiplayer and I decided to share a farming technique that a few of us came up with in order to survive 12 weeks.

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Nitrowolf21995d ago

This guy is absolutely right. On average I can get 70-80 parts per match, but once I reached over 100 supplies it's so f'n hard. No matter how hard/good I play, it's pratically impossible to reach the supply needed.

Treezy5041995d ago

Yeah it's depressing to say these things too because the multiplayer is very addicting and fun. The supply system is an important part of the game so it's necessary. When players become more concerned with hitting the supply quota rather then enjoying the game it becomes a problem. I'm sure Naughty Dog will address this though, they always make us happy.

RedSoakedSponge1995d ago

i think its an intentional design decision though. they want you to panic when you are doing badly in a game to make more like your group is surviving.

i do find the most annoying thing is though, when you join a game that is halfway through already, meaning you have half the time to get the supplies, which is literally impossible on higher survivor numbers.

maybe if you join halfway through a game, it can recognise this and half the amount of supplies needed.

Nitrowolf21995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

apparently someone has a clan size of 300 XD, no way it couldn't be achieved without boosting


well yea they do, but it's broken. I mean I should and everyone else should be capable of unlocking all the stuff. It's not that we are doing badly, it's just that the limits are set way to high

Treezy5041995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

@RedSoakedSponge I get that and it's cool, but I've played normally, but getting those unlocks are annoying when at no fault of your own you get kicked because of a network problem or you killed a team too quickly or if you joined a game in progress like you mentioned. I don't encourage people doing this unless you are at risk of your clan dying towards the end of the game. I got to the point where I needed 160 supplies a game which is impossible to do consistently without losing survivors.

RedSoakedSponge1995d ago

well isnt the highest population needed for an unlock 120? because it didnt seem to hard to get there. maybe they designed it so the top unlocks are only for the really good players, and isnt meant for everyone to unlock.

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ZBlacktt1995d ago

Yeah, that was a well done video with a very cool down to earth tone.

matrixman921995d ago

play a medic, u will be fine

SemRex1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

The problem of your population getting decimated when losing your internet connection needs to be fixed. It's extremely frustrating.

RedSoakedSponge1995d ago

you do NOT need to do this. this is retarded. i got my gold trophy for surviving 12 weeks with the hunters. now on my 8th week as fireflies and im on around 100 survivors.... if it was easy it wouldnt feel like a fight for survival!!

please guys. dont cheat. play the game as intended.

matrixman921995d ago

completely agree with you...I love this multiplayer, and dont want to see it ruined by stuff like this. Boosting like this should not be tolerated, and it will certainly piss the other team off if they are actually trying and playing the game the way its supposed to be played. If you play as a medic, and have a competent enough team, then you will get the supplies you need. Crafting gives you points, along with healing; there are many different ways to reach your goal...people should be creative with their builds and how they get their supplies. Once I get the two trophies and the skull mask, I wont necessarily care about keeping my population at its fullest potential, but I am in no way going to cheat/boost to get it....this is just pathetic

ZBlacktt1995d ago

And is everybody honest here, nope. There's issues that need to be addressed. The video is just making players and ND aware.

RedSoakedSponge1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

i literally see no issues except for the joining halfway through a match thing though! i swear it isnt that bad.

i find it hard to believe people would actually struggle in the slightest to get past week 12 too. yeah you might not have over 120 people, but surviving the 12 weeks is damn easy!

i have no reason to lie to anyone! what benefit will that cause? im happy with how it is and dont want it to become easier.

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