Why The Last of Us' Multiplayer Is Awesome

IGN's Colin Moriarty doesn't like playing games online. But there's something special about The Last of Us that keeps him signing-on, over.

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pompombrum2960d ago

I have mixed feelings about Last of Us mp.. when things are going well it's one of the best experiences this gen but when things aren't going well, it's one of the most frustrating. I wished they added stopping power like in old gears games.. it hurts to watch someone run up to you with a plank of food sponging two of your shots then still killing you.

Reverent2960d ago

And that damn bow... It's all anyone ever seems to use. Like you said, it's really great when you're doing well... But when you fail, it makes you want to slam your controller through the TV.

ABizzel12960d ago

I think it's good, but it's lacking in modes and it would be better if they included the infected into the multiplayer to really revolutionize the multiplayer.

DivineAssault 2960d ago

not trying the multiplayer til i finish the story.. Im loving the game so far

Holeran2960d ago

The multiplayer is Epic to me. My favorite multiplayer in years.

Mr_Nuts2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

I like to think because it's simple, not as simple like Uncharted 2 but it doesn't rely on a whole lot of gimmicks to appeal to COD fans

I do think they need to do a true survival mode where we get

- Only two boosters (no upgradable ones)

- No listening mode or a cap on how many times you can use it

- No long guns in load outs

- Long guns are found randomly generated around the map

- No one off boosters, relying more on the two you've selected before

- No paid stuff

I mean some of those features like the paid stuff is ridiculous in a game like this where it's about stealth, wits, scavenging

pompombrum2960d ago

What paid stuff is there? I agree about the no listening mode though, it's kind of a bit easy and ruins the tension.

Mr_Nuts2960d ago

You can buy armour and you can select a paid weapon in your loadouts so when you get enough supplies you can buy the weapon you've chosen in the middle of a match....and I mean a powerful weapon.

I mean the average riffle is bad enough where it can down you in two shots....I wouldn't mind if it's a headshot but it dosen't work like that

pompombrum2960d ago

Oh that, sorry I assumed you meant like paid boosters through real money or something and was getting worried lol.

creatchee2960d ago

TLOU multiplayer is awesome. It's so different from what is currently out there due to the scarcity of ammo, emphasis on stealth and teamwork, and overall experience. I haven't felt this way since SOCOM 2, which is a very good thing!

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The story is too old to be commented.