Xbox One, You Still Have A Lot To Prove "My expectations were pretty high for Microsoft both at its console reveal and at this year's E3. So I was rather surprised when Microsoft rather a few mistakes during these key presentations. Equally, I was surprised that they corrected them as they have. After learning their lesson at E3, Microsoft just may be able to show gamers that they are listening, and they will do whatever it takes to make the customer happy."

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Selyah1945d ago

The only thing that sounded quite good from the whole previous 'features' was the family sharing system. But, it was definitely outweighed by the rest of the baggage that had to come with it.

However, the issues around having a big camera/microphone in your house are quite harrowing, essentially it's probably quite harmless, but I certainly don't feel like placing my trust with them yet.

mephman1945d ago

Yea, the whole NSA thing didn't really come at a good time, especially as it seriously implicated Microsoft.

ShawnCollier1945d ago

I doubt MS would try anything funny with the camera, as they already had enough bad PR as it is.

No_Limit1945d ago

Both consoles have alot to prove. I even throw the Wii U in there to. One more thing, I am sick of that Don Mattrick-hand pointing to Xbox1 pic. It's been used in every negative Xbox1 articles. I want to see some new pics. :)

mephman1945d ago

Yea, it's like the last generation but worse, especially as it looks like the PS4/Xbox One are going to launch about the same time.

DonFreezer1945d ago

To who to blind folded butthurt ps fanboys?

Hicken1944d ago

To anybody who ISN'T a blindfolded, butthurt MS fanboy.

DonFreezer1944d ago

Yeah because you must be blind to like Microsoft.Please name on Xbox One fan who goes to the internet to bash the PS4?

Hicken1944d ago

It'd be easier to name the XBOne fans who DON'T go into articles bashing the PS4.

Hell, who said anything about bashing one console or the other?

Torchwood41945d ago

I will be keeping my $100 dollars thanks you and ps4 gets the other $400