Jimmy Fallon Sets Some Stupid Video Game Records

Video Game Week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon concluded last week (thank God?), but not before the late night host attempted to break some world records that have never before been attempted by anyone else. With the team from RecordSetter on-hand, Fallon attempts his bid to carve a name for himself in gaming history.

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Snookies121945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Don't get all the hate on Fallon. I love the dude. At least he's genuine, which you can't say about a lot of people on TV.

Prcko1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

this is fallon : '' i'm big fan of ps/xbox,i love to play games at home'' and when he grabs controller he even don't know where buttons are

jon12341945d ago

i honestly think he does it to get laughs... i mean its funny seeing him fail

Nitrowolf21945d ago

I guess he's probably a good guy in real life and all, but every time I hear him say he loves playing video games followed by being handed a controller and asking "where are the buttons". LOL that's prob why

porkChop1945d ago

I think he means it more like, "what are the controls". X/A to jump, Square/X to reload, etc. Either way, he used to be a big gamer, that's why he fought for the ability to treat games with the same respect as movies on his show.

Snookies121945d ago

He stated in one of his blog things, that he used to play games all the time. I'm sure he just doesn't have a lot of time to play them these days.

He seemed to do fine playing Watch Dogs. He was handed the controller and started driving right away. At least he somewhat knows what he's doing lol.

badboy7761944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

I don't watch Modern TV. But is this show Popular?

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