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State of Decay is admirably ambitious but ultimately suffers because of it.

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Saints941944d ago

Every other site basically gave it a 8-9. I doubt that it's a 5.5

PlayStation_41944d ago

Seems like this game isn't for everyone, though from what I have seen this game is not very polished and is rough around the edges.

Nevers1944d ago

My buddy did the VO work for the starting character so I'm a little jelly of him but very happy as well. I've heard nothing but good stuff about this game so far as well. But then this is a site I've never heard of before so... whatever.

TedCruzsTaint1944d ago

Opinions are opinions, but scores like these, at least nowadays, are usually only given to the technically broken with a complete lack of polish.
While not perfect, this game is far from.

NihonjinChick1944d ago

I agree. This game is not completely broken and is getting better with the updates. I also should add that Undead Labs is actually good with getting these updates out quickly as possible.

randomlyrossy1941d ago

I use the full scale. If other sites/reviewers give this score to a broken game then they're doing a disservice to their readers. To me a 5.5 is a game with a lot of issues, be they technical or gameplay but still something worth a look if you go in with that in mind. There's a lot to like about State of Decay but it's let down by tedium and technical issues.

ufo8mycat1944d ago

Game is definitely not a 5.5/10.

I found the game to be mighty awesome, especially for $20. I loved the whole RPG style gameplay and survival, even if the game got pretty easy it was still damn fun to play.


It's funny how reviewers can so easily give geat games low scores that aren't AAA titles, but easily give some average AAA titles 9/10.

It really shows the difference when publishers throw $$$$ at review sites for scores.

Hufandpuf1940d ago

is there a difficulty setting to this game?