Lumines about to get cheaper?

It looks like Microsoft may well act upon the rather ridiculous pricing scheme for Lumines Live!, as forum member Dj LoneStar fired off an email to Xbox Customer support, and got some interesting news back.

Thanks for contacting XBOX Customer Support,

Luminous Live is known to have some issues regarding unsatisfactory in it's download. Please wait until Monday to see wether we have any updates regarding this issue. Do not download or purchase anything else that has to be dealt with Luminous Live. Until then, feel free to contact us via telephone for any updates of this issue and what we can offer you.

For any questions regarding this issue, please contact Xbox customer support on

Thanks for time and support,
XBOX customer service team.

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beans5890d ago

Well that's good news because 1200 points is to much! Another thing they need to fix is the price structure for points! If a game costs 400 points then I want to buy 400 points worth and not 500! I love Xboxlive arcade but still feel burned from the original Xbox because I had just purchased all the games on arcade and when I switched my gamer tag to my 360 anyone would of thought that MS would have given you credit for a games you already purchased!

TheMART5890d ago

Beans, I don't think they'll lower the 1200 points. I think that is a fair price. Around 13 Euro's. Lumines on PSP version cost you more.

What's not fair, is having to pay 600 points extra for something over and over again after that. Or at least, it's almost covered costs. I think MS will do something about that. Have it for free or something like that and give credit back to people that already bought that package.

kmis875890d ago

I thought the problem was that they sold a "full version" for 1200 points, but then people found out it would take 1800 more points to get the other versions out there, making the full version, not so full afterall. Are they going to implement a refund system for people who felt shafted? And 3000 MS points is about how much Lumines 2 costs, and almost twice as expensive as the original Lumines for the psp, btw.

TheMART5890d ago

So where is the 3.000 points taken from? As far as I know it's

1200 points to get the full version

600 points for extra skins etc.

and to be released a pack for some extra gameplay modes etc. also 600 points. That's about 2400 points to me.

Is Lumines for PSP costing you around 15 dollars/euro's? Could be I don't know the prices.

Don't forget, although the price is high when all packages are bought, for 1200 points so about 13 Euro's/dollars you get Lumines, but in HD resolution, 5.1 sound and that you won't get on the PSP. So in my vision it has more value.

I hope they'll just include all the stuff that has been split up for 2 x 600 points in the standard 1200 points first download!

kmis875890d ago (Edited 5890d ago )

"For those just tuning in, Lumines Live has been released on Xbox Live, but there's a catch. For 1200 MS points (that's $15 in old money), you receive 12 skins for the the basic version of the game, multiplayer, time attack mode, and samplers of VS CPU, Mission and Puzzle modes. Many of those who purchased the game (self included) were outraged by what was marketed as the "full version" of Q Entertainment's puzzler. Ultimately, it appears the full version of the game (Artist Pack notwithstanding) will cost gamers 3000 MS Points ($37.50), more than the cost of any retail version of Lumines."

That's the quote from the article I read about how the "full version" was looked at negatively by people who bought it, expecting to get the full game. I have no doubts that Microsoft will fix this somehow, if only by changing the name to somthing other than full version. Where I'm at Lumines costs $20, and Lumines 2 costs $40. I just don't think arcade games on consoles should go that high is all. You can disagree with me if you like, but I guess we all see different value in different places. Maybe I'm just not a big enough Lumines fan.

Islandkiwi5890d ago

If it says full version, I expect the entire game. I don't mind if they charge for extras, but don't let me buy it, only to find out that five levels later I need to add more cash.

That's misleading. Apparently MS has some rule regarding limitations on game size and cost, but this would be remedied if people had known that the full version was, in fact, an extended demo.

kmis875890d ago

Yeah, all they really need to do is make the content you're purchasing more clear. Making it cheaper wouldn't hurt either.

The Milkman5889d ago (Edited 5889d ago )

I myself dont like how the MS point system is set up at the moment. Instead of buying MS points why cant we just purchase the item right then and there by just clicking buy. This whole point system is just taking stuff a hard way and realy making things look more expensive than it realy is. If the PSP cost more than that, actually then we are getting a good deal but the big numbers in the MS points mentally changes things.