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"Nintendo’s “Year of Luigi” is here, and what better way to celebrate then by giving the oft forgotten brother his own game that doesn’t involve catching ghosts? Well, New Super Luigi U is that game, currently available as a digital add-on for New Super Mario Bros. U, and set for a stand-alone retail release later this Summer. The result is a game that shines on its own in subtle and cagey ways."

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project_pat361968d ago

ENOUGH! Damn people there are 20 of these articles and they each say the exact same thing.

Its a great game/DLC/whatever you wanna call it.

I'm sorry WMMN80 you wasted your time with this article. If you were smarter... you would've seen there are 20 replicates already.

matgrowcott1968d ago

There are 11 reviews so far for this game on N4G. It's a pretty major release, part of Nintendo's mid-year line-up, so it stands to reason that pretty much every site will try and cover it...

jcnba281968d ago

And how many TLoU reviews did we see on this site??

exfatal1968d ago

didnt see you complaining when a shit ton of TLOU reviews were hitting?

akaihana86plus1968d ago

Oh STFU!!!, why are you even complaining about it?!, you don't think it gets old and stale seeing like hundreds of The last of us articles everyday?, ok that game is great, next please, but no!, nenas can't never get enough of it because it's great!!!!, if it bothers you to see reviews from this game then don't read them, that simple, smh

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project_pat361967d ago

because the last of us doesn't appeal to me. I don't give a shit for played out zombie games anymore after a few years ago the shit's old. Simple as that. TLOU had good reason to have many reviews, it was a highly highly anticipated game for most people, unlike luigi u..

akaihana86plus1966d ago

You mean a way over hyped game with the same treatment as any other typical Hollywood type of game, i played it, it was good, but i've seen better stories than that, if you don't like the Luigi DLC review then just skip them over just like i do with the reviews i don't care about, this is N4G after all