10 Open World Games To Look Forward To On The PS4, PC And Xbox One

"There were a lot of great games at E3 this year, and with a bunch of new titles being announced for the next gen hardware that's being released in November we've got plenty of great games that a had big open worlds to check out. Some are brand new ideas, while others are simply improvements on mechanics, the scope of the game and general advancements that come with some wonderfully new and thrilling technical choices."

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US8F1968d ago

I thought the majority of MMO games are open world anyways, so it wouldn't make sense to include them with the single player games.

But yea, it is an open world generation and I'm loving it.

Whitey2k1968d ago

did it say DayZ was on xbox one? if i remember it wasnt coming to xbox one

A-laughing-horse1968d ago

It's only on pc as of now. Fun too.

dorron1968d ago, hit whores. A list of 10 games and 10 pages to click...

Saving you some time:

1. Watchdogs
2. Metal Gear Solid V
3. Elder Scrolls Online
4. Destiny
5. DayZ
6. Mad Max
7. Assassin’s Creed IV
8. InFAMOUS Second Son
9. The Division
10. Mirror’s Edge Prequel

nick901968d ago

Thanks man. Elder Scrolls I'm most looking forward to.. thankfully didn't take too long to get to.

bohangirl841968d ago

Thanks for the time-saver. I was really surprised by the announcement of The Division, but I'm looking forward to it as well as to the new Mirror's Edge game.

Mr Tretton1967d ago

I think some sandbox like games are starting to be called open world, which is potentially misleading to people.

mmofanatic1963d ago

Thanks. I hate when each number on a list is on a separate page.

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tigertron1968d ago

I think we're going to be seeing a lot more open world games on next-gen consoles thanks to the RAM (especially the PS4's).

orakle441968d ago

Welp, looks like the author isn't looking forward to the witcher 3. :)

Mr Tretton1967d ago

Not only that, games like MGSV aren't even 'open world', it's more sandbox.

TW3 is THE open world game to look out for.

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