From Kickstarter to Wii U: An Interview with the Creators of Armikrog

Ed Schofield and Mike Dietz come to us live from California’s beautiful Orange County to talk about their Armikrog Kickstarter, their passion for illustration, animation, when they got into the business, where they met Doug TenNapel, and much, much more.

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EcoSos31944d ago

Damn they only have 70 hours left and they still need over $200,000.

DoublePlusGoodGames1944d ago

I know! We did a written interview with them at E3 and this Kickstarter only had something like two weeks left. They've made over $100,000 in a week but I'm really hoping that Nintendo pony's up the rest of the funding (Pencil Test was just made an official Nintendo developer yesterday).

Finger's crossed Armikrog makes it's goal!

andrewer1944d ago

Earthworm Jim and Star Wars Episode III? Going to help then.