PS4 vs Xbox One - Sony winning war of numbers

Until both Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation of consoles launch and we get to spend some quality time with them, one of the only ways to judge PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is through the war of numbers and specifications that both parties have thrown at us.

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GamerzElite1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

As a gamer I want more and good game not a hardware wich has some other feature more than gaming. And sony proved it in this Gen and many PS3 owners knew that, I owned a XBox 360 and this is sad I only buy Gear and COD on XBox 360. Rest of games are available on both console, so why I make same mistake with next gen.

* Sorry about Halo- Boring 4 me.

Hydrolex1967d ago

We all know Microsoft just ef'D up !

That's what greed does people !

DigitalRaptor1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

PS4's cheaper.
It's got better hardware.
It's smaller and more efficient.
It's got more exclusive games coming out in its first year.
It has a higher number of pre-orders.
It's releasing in more territories at launch.
Sony have supposedly allocated stores much, much more stock in general.
It has more hype, appeal and many months of positive direction and good will shown from Sony pushing it forward.
It has better developer impressions and support - or so we've heard.

Winning is an understatement. Winning gamers worldwide.

abzdine1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

actually the price doesn't matter much to people who are looking for real value.
look at 360 the past 3 years, what fresh IPs were released on it exclusively? Almost none! it turns all the time around dying franchises (Halo Gears..) while Sony will always be bringing fresh new IPs all the time.
xbox has some good games, but PlayStation is just a much better value for the money invested, that's nothing but a fact and the lower price is just a bonus.

ThyPizzaGod1967d ago

The PS4 is sure coming in strong and barely unscathed. The X1 on the other hand, haha it needs help... And i was looking forward to it.

Reverent1967d ago

I'd love to see some troll try to argue with all of that. Next gen hasn't even started yet and Sony is already dominating.

insomnium21967d ago

I find the argument about MS having more games laughable. That and teh billion dollars for games. Didn't people learn anything from last gen? When it comes to games Sony truly is the karate master.

humbleopinion1967d ago

How so? The X360 still offers more games to date. Perhaps that's only thanks to the extra year in the market but one simply can't argue with the actual numbers.

And when it comes to next gen the numbers still didn't reverse: At least on E3 show floor the Xbox One offered more games. We'll have to wait until at least Gamescom and TGS to see if Sony has anything else to show for.

insomnium21967d ago

So now you say that X360 is actually the better console against PS3 when games are considered? Wow! I need to lie down for a bit.

humbleopinion1966d ago

I'm saying that the X360 has more games. You know, numbers. Counting stuff. Math. Ever hear about the concept?

minimur121967d ago

So not many disagrees.... Wait for the Xbox fanboys to come onto this thread

ironmonkey1967d ago

Theres nothing wrong with the ps4 thats why its full of positive.