The PlayStation 4 will release in India in 2013, Sony has confirmed.

Speaking with IVG, PlayStation India country manager Atindriya Bose said that Sony is targeting a simultaneous launch alongside Europe, but logistical issues could cause a delay of up to a month. That’s still good enough to make a 2013 launch.

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Arai1940d ago

So it's safe to assume that a global launch is indeed happening, if it's being released in India then Japan surely is going to happen as well.

cl19831940d ago

I'm sure Japan will be in Nov, and then it may be delayed till Dec for India.

abzdine1940d ago

Japanese dates will be announced at TGS

morganfell1940d ago

India is the great untapped market and could mean a great deal to the right hardware company.

longcat1940d ago

japan is not that great for consoles anymore....handhelds are a different story but they are not as keen as before on consoles

12345idk1940d ago

Hell yeah I think Sony is #winning there doing everything perfect, I love you Sony! :)

crimsonfox1940d ago

Although I agree with you, hashtags need to stop.

LackTrue4K1940d ago

"Yo quedo Taco Bell"

Most the time it's same as U.S, but stores out there put crazy a55 prices!!! Hell, 2 years ago a ps3 would be priced @ 700...

All of my family/clan members buy them here in the U.S and smuggle it to Mexico!! Lol...

Prcko1940d ago

so we can clearly say we will have WW release this year?
omg,so good...

Ares84HU1940d ago

Just give us the date already Sony!

abzdine1940d ago

this is teasing at its best

Gamer19821940d ago

Wont get one until MS set theres in stone as Sony want to beat them to the punch, Thats why they are both coy on it right now.

C-Thunder1940d ago

I'm guessing they know the date and just have a specific event they want to announce it at. MS said November, so if they can they'll just pick October or sooner and not worry about it.

esemce1940d ago

Yeah so I can book that week off work.

BattleAxe1940d ago

Sony is set to sell a massive amount of PS4 consoles this holiday season. India will be interesting since the population is so large.

RandomDude6551940d ago

Might be a good call to launch in india.

"the economy of India is the tenth-largest in the world by nominal GDP and the third-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). On a per-capita-income basis, India ranked 141st by nominal GDP and 130th by GDP (PPP) in 2012, according to the IMF."

I take that to mean income is pretty evenly split amongst India's population, so that's a large number of potential consumers.

sourav931940d ago

Actually as an indian myself, though living in the UK, I can tell you that, in India, you either find people who are super rich e.g. the servants of these people drive mercedes, or people who are below poverty. Yes, do you get those middle class people, but it's very rare, and most of them emigrated to other countries. But yes, it definitely is an untapped market.

1940d ago
ssj271940d ago

I read your comment in indian accent lol
I love Bollywood movies!

glad to see most gamer's will have the chance to get the PS4 early

DeadlyFire1939d ago

India has had a surge in PC gaming recently. Seeing this console land in India is a big plus for Sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.