Call of Duty's House Divided

USG:Ghosts' executive producer Mark Rubin discusses the tension and conflict between the series' single- and multiplayer components. Not only how the two aspects of the best-selling series are premiered, but also the fundamental philosophical difference between them.

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pedrof931944d ago

There two types of video-gamers, those who play CoD or BF and those don't. Of course that when I mean "those who play CoD or BF" I mean hardcore not casual. And these who play hardcore only tend to follow those types of games. And these think that every other game of any other genre sucks. They don't know what their missing.

It's like others other aspects in life. There is people who loves Kim kardashian,Paris Hilton,Justin Bieber and Katy Perry ? And those who don't.

mark134uk1944d ago

multi player died for me after black ops,i enjoy the story but i just dont play the muti anymore

porkChop1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Here's how CoD multiplayer has lasted for me over the years.

CoD4 - 2 years
MW2 - 1 year
Black Ops - 6 months
MW3 - 3/4 months
Black Ops 2 - 1 month

I've lost ALL interest at this point. Whether Ghosts' multiplayer is amazing and revolutionary or not, it's way too late. The damage is done. They sat on their ass rehashing the same damn game every year, and I've gotten sick and tired of it. During the switch to next gen I see Battlefield overtaking CoD.

Gamers are looking for real next gen experiences, something that they absolutely cannot get on current gen consoles, which CoD is not providing. It's got "next gen" graphics that look like current gen, the gameplay looks the exact same, etc. Whereas BF4 has amazing next gen graphics, amazing amounts of destruction, and 64 players on next gen consoles. Not to mention the massive maps. That's proper next gen. CoD's special 60fps doesn't even matter anymore because BF4 is 1080p 60fps too.

Roper3161944d ago

Call of Doo Doo just needs to take a few years off and then come back with a true next gen engine and actual improvements and even perhaps something innovative. They can take their fish and just go away as far as I am concerned.

I haven't actually paid for a COD game since WAW, my friend just gives me his when he gets the new yearly addition.