Minecraft for Xbox 360 fastest selling retail console game in the US, Notch excited

Nath: "According to game developer Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, the Xbox 360 version of the block-building superstar game Minecraft is the fastest selling retail console game in the US."

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NYC_Gamer1944d ago

The sales of Minecraft proves the western market wants creative gameplay experiences

Dlacy13g1944d ago

one of the reasons I am very interested in Spark.

Blacktric1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Yes. A game that is all about building stuff using blocky materials is extremely creative and deserves all the praise it gets... Eventhough there are more than enough games out there that dabbled with the same idea before.


GameCents1943d ago

Allow me to translate. This game is not available for my console of choice so I don't like it.

Blacktric1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

" This game is not available for my console of choice so I don't like it."

As a single platform owner, I'm sure this way of thinking is only occured to you. Not everyone is a blind fanboy of a single platform or a game.

""One Eighty > 4""

Heh. How predictable.

And I couldn't even give less of a c**p about Minecraft when it barely did any good for the industry yet got overhyped to heavens.

Feel free to also translate this for other single platform owners such as yourself.

Dlacy13g1944d ago

lol... Notch, you are funny dude. One minute you are hating MS and the next excited because MS is making you a mega ton of coin.

andrewsqual1944d ago

See my comment below. He has been selling it for years. I'm sure its a little thing inside him saying, its great to be making money but God you masses are idiots, the game was there the whole time, you just need Xbox Dashboard advertisements and something for simpletons like Microsoft Points to understand how you could purchase it. Now the same thing is happening again where the masses that couldn't even figure THAT part out can now get a 130mb game on an 8000mb DVD disc lol.
They could have released it on a Gamecube game sized cd rom disc and it still would have fit.

oxcar11944d ago

Why... minecraft is boring as hell. I never liked it IMO.

TedCruzsTaint1944d ago

Because a lot of people feel differently, in their opinion.

Moncole1944d ago

The game is fun at first but get boring fast.

Lionsguard1944d ago

I'm with you, I don't see the appeal of spending hours building things block by block. That has to be one tedious task...and for what? bragging rights?

Kyur4ThePain1944d ago

Fastest selling *Xbox 360* game. Hard to believe that's the best selling game on a console.

andrewsqual1944d ago

Now if only he could have released it himself and not have to give a huge chunk to Microsoft Games Studios, he would be even more excited. Even more if Microsoft Game Studios actually took the hit on the cost of the patches since they are publishing the game, not leaving it to Notch an Co to pay for them too. But apart from that, happy faces all round.

dcbronco1944d ago

Yeah but if he had released it exclusively on PS3 it would belong to Sony now. I'd give up a little money for a game that sold millions and the support it received.

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