Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Rumored Setlist and Bundle?

"Ooh lala, a new bundle for Guitar Heroes across the world. What will be sucked into buying now? Don't those prices seem pretty steep for a game that seems like an expansion pack?

Here's the rumored set list I came across… I doubt it's not complete considering those bundles are $99.99…"

- TotalGamerZone

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orange143882d ago

Did anyone know that there were going to be bundles?

Clubptxxx3881d ago

I for one don't HATE Aerosmith by any means, but a whole game based around them? Pick a better band like Zepplin or Sabbith. This will be a pass for me. Guitar Hero has been going down the crapper recently.

gambare3881d ago

If this game admitted user generated content there would be a lot of AC/DC, metallica, guns&roses and other rock classics : /

ScottEFresh3881d ago

The game should retail on next gen systems for $29.99 MAXIMUM. If it's more then that then I won't be buying at all.

BattleAxe3881d ago

I'm not a big fan of Aerosmith. I'm probably going to pass. You think they would have polled gamers on a selection of great bands that they could have based the game on.

We need more DLC.