InFamous Second Son New Screenshots

Alive Game Zone - 4 New Screenshots of Infamous Second Son

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EmptySkyForm1944d ago

That fourth screen shot looks amazing! I just wanna cryogenically sleep until the PS4 comes out!

Redrum0591944d ago

We've all seen what happens to someone when they freeze themselves to sleep for the release of a games console.

Oh... my... science...

Cryptcuzz1944d ago

Got room for one more?

I honestly cannot wait until the PS4 is released.

karl1940d ago

i dont think thats possible but u can always induce yourself into a coma

abzdine1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Amazing graphics for an amazing game! At least it's not CG cinematics it's real gameplay

xPhearR3dx1944d ago

I never really cared for Infamous but Infamous 2 came with my PS3 bundle and I'm really enjoying it so far. For me, it's not one of those game that keeps pulling me back, but rather when I feel like having some dumb fun, I pop it in. Then again, I could just be spoiled by The Last of Us.

Wintersun6161944d ago

I liked both Infamous 1 and 2, but I agree about being spoiled by TLoU. I'll need to give myself some shock treatment after I'm done playing it, by forcing myself to play all the bad games I have for a while.

xPhearR3dx1944d ago


My problem is, I played and beat TLOU and went on to playing other games I have yet to try out, like Infamous 2 for example. Yet once I start playing (regardless of what it is), I get bored really quickly because I want to play more of TLOU lol

I think once I beat the story for a third time (Survivor Plus) and play some more MP, the excitement will wear off enough to let me enjoy my other games haha

Wintersun6161944d ago

I see what you mean. I've completed the game on normal and am up to the winter section on my first survivor playthrough. I won't touch any other game until I've platinumed TLoU. :P

ltachiUchiha1944d ago

And its open world. The particles from the chaos show the destructable environment the ps4 can do in an open world game. Cant wait to see a boss or any other enemies.

PositiveEmotions1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Its funny how when people here are not hating on any console and are being reason are the ones who gets more "disagree" i think they should get more "agrees" because their not bashing anyone.

On topic: the third picture is pure awesomeness

PSVita1944d ago

If your referring to the first comment it's because he's trolling.

PositiveEmotions1944d ago

No in every article is the same.

PSVita1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

I agree. At the start of this gen Xbox was the underdog( and who doesn't love an underdog) and people would use better looking multiplatform games, high price, PS3 has no games etc. basically anything to give their team an upper hand. This went on for a LONG TIME...then Sony came back and the excuses changed. Suddenly it wasn't about exclusive it was about sells. Then when the PS3 outsold the Xbox it was about next gen. Then it was the number of next gen exclusives. Frankly it's annoying so when someone does get a lot of agrees, yeah it's usually bashing the other side but there's defiantly truth behind it. It's like the twilight vs. Harry potter debate.... And I'm not defending Sony but that's how it went down.

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