DualShockers E3 2013 Interview: Sonic Lost World: A Step in the Right Direction

Sonic has been a lot of places over the last two decades: from werewolf to olympian, he’s had a hard time–pardon the pun–finding his footing. Sonic Lost World seeks to change that, giving Sonic a new world to explore, new enemies to defeat, and new gameplay never seen before in a Sonic game.
Check out DualShockers’ own Peter John Ocasio hearing just what makes Sonic Lost World a bigger and better Sonic game, from SEGA’s Aaron Webber.

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Kevlar0092038d ago

I still don't get why it's so hard to make a good Sonic game, at least in terms of playability and flow. It's almost like they try too hard with story and certain gameplay elements.

jay22038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

A Step in the Right Direction..........PMSL erm,how many copies is this going to sell due to the console choice!...........