The 1UP Show: Echochrome, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword

The 1UP Show crew took some time to join in the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII launch-line shenanigans at the Sony Metreon in San Francisco. Shane Bettenhausen, Jeremy Parish and Jay Frechette are all of like mind on the game but one question remains: how do you make a golden chocobo? Luckily there's an unruly mob of FFVII fans around to help them out.

It's up to David Ellis and Matt Chandronait to get down and dirty with their imports of both the PS3 and PSP versions of the ultra-clean Echochrome. It's delicious and nutritious! For your brain!

And proving that the DS can do a lot more than potty-training virtual puppies and teaching basic math, Ryan O'Donnell, Anthony Gallegos and Nick Suttner find action satisfaction with the excellent Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword. "Hard Mode," anyone?

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InYourMom3881d ago

I downloaded the Echochrome demo from the JPSN store and wasn't my cup of tee. Got bored with it rather quickly and the game just gave me a headache.

Still gotta give props to the simplistic/creative nature of it and I think many people will enjoy it.

DFresh3881d ago

You don't own a PS3 just another Xbot trying to hate on a good game.
Not to much of a Final Fantasy person except for the Final Fantasy 7 remake and the newest one Final Fantasy XIII.
Echochrome is a fun game in all but the control system is pretty hard to get used to but in a way it's a puzzle game meant to solve new ways to complete stages.
Ninja Gaiden is gay the first, this game mentioned for the DS, and the second one coming out for the Xbox 360.