Sony on Vita: “it’s a PS4 in your pocket. Gamers will tell us how it’ll evolve by how they use it”

OPM: Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Fergal Gara has been explaining more about the relationship between PS4 and PS Vita. Specifically he’s detailed how the, “video coder chip inside PS4 is a low-overhead facility” that means he expects, “the vast majority of PS4 games [will be] quickly and easily enabled for PS Vita”.

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THamm1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

This is the best yet, can't wait. I dont get much time around the tv anymore and the Vitas beautiful screen and pad makes this perfect for me. This is the main reason for a PS4 for me. "This's what makes a legend!"

Xaphy1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

I really really love this, but I hope Sony doesnt rely solely on this to sell the PS VITA. I mean I love my vita but I also want exclusive games for it and Im talking about big major games not just indies as well.

Cam9771968d ago

I have a folder full of PS1 games and two more of Vita/PSP games. The Vita is utterly fantastic, it'll be my first holiday with it this year too! This time last year I still had my PSP! Wow! If you don't have a Vita and live in the UK then go to GAME and pick up a used one for £99. Words cannot express how brilliant they are! Oh, and grab the biggest memory stick you can because my 16GB stick fan out yesterday when I bought the first MGS to top off the collection (I have the first 3 on my Vita).

It is perfect as I like to play it when I can't access my TV (just like #1).

dedicatedtogamers1968d ago

But I don't want a PS4 in my pocket. I want a Vita.

I already own a Vita, and I'm getting a PS4 Day One, but that doesn't mean that I want my Vita to turn into a peripheral. I'd like dedicated games made just for the Vita, please.

Protagonist1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Lots of dedicated and exclusives for the PS Vita, now you´ll just have more options.

FlyingFoxy1968d ago

It is a very nice screen but it's not perfect, it's a shame it has those irritating patchy areas as a flaw that you can see in dim/dark places. Other than that it would be perfect.

Xaphy1968d ago

guess your vita has some issues because mine is perfectly fine

FlyingFoxy1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

@ Xaphy, wrong actually. I'm not talking about my own Vita, i mean all of them.

Surprised you don't even know about that, but here's the link and there's a photo showing what i mean

Vita's screen has a lot of imperfections, just not noticable in light conditions.

Surpised at the lack of knowledge in the comments here going by the dislikes of my last post.

To quote a post in that link :

"my friend, they all have spots no matter the brightness settings I have exchanged my system 5 times each with a new pattern so I stayed with the one that was not to bad but go into a dark room and watch a movie like the dark knight or uncharted golden abyss loading screen or even taking a photo you will see it."

rainslacker1968d ago

Even in the post you linked there were those that said they never even saw it. Some units are worse than others, and yes, because of the technology they all have this issue, however you are greatly exaggerating the notability and number of units that have the real problems with it.

I personally use my Vita in dark rooms all the time, and I can't notice it. I even tried to notice it when I first heard about it.

3-4-51968d ago

They really could use a PS4 + Vita bundle

$550-600 for Both.

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KrisButtar1968d ago

While this is a cool feature but since Gaikai is not up and running yet means that the remote play is only done in range of the PS4.

wonder if the PS4 can allow you to play vita games on the tv. as not being able to play my vita games on the tv is the only thing that bugs me about the system

THamm1968d ago

No remote play is done over Wifi, anywhere so long as your PS3/PS4 is plugged in to socket and connected

FlyingFoxy1968d ago

I still don't understand how that works fully yet, does it use your own upload speed? if that's the case.. you would need a good broadband connection, i have 100mbps download and 10mbps upload. For quality streaming at the Vita's resolution i'm guessing you'd need at least 200-300kb/s. I can download files at 10mb/s and i've seen them go over 12mb/s downloading a game on Steam. Upload files at 1mb/s. I have more than enough bandwidth.

But do you need to have the game in the PS4 and running to be able to stream it to the Vita?, that would mean you'd be limited to 1 game while being away.. Still not sure how it works.

kingPoS1968d ago

I think you'll be able to play whatever game is in the PS4 HDD as well. Kinda like how you can play any PS1 game from the PS3.

THamm1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

I'm not sure of upload speeds and not, from PS3 to PSP, it works great, and from PS3 to Vita it works great. I've played only PS1 games so far as that is only what they allow right now. Since it is streaming and not downloading, I don't think it really requires much more than what Netflix uses. Yes the game must be PS1 in the PS3 or downloaded, (although PS4 may differ) and yes only one game at a time, but it will allow access tor your main home screen and apps too, although some wont work

Trago13371968d ago

Just give us a killer app for the handheld.

despair1968d ago

Love my Vita and can't wait to see the PS4/Vita integration and utilization.

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