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By Sam Peterson

One of this year’s biggest releases for the PS3, The Last of US, has received a warm reception from gamers.

The Last of Us proved to be a demanding, immediate experience and a real pleasure to play.

The game is packed with emotion and atmosphere that, while it starts slowly, soon develops into an action packed quality title with a great story line.

The story is full of amazing characters and great interactions. At the same time the graphics are stunning and completely engaging.

Particularly impressive is the multiplayer mode, however, players are warned not to run around too quickly otherwise they will become clear on the radar and ruin any chance of surprising other players.

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ltachiUchiha1996d ago

To show u how dominant u can be if u work as a team compared to those in just random groups. Check out this girl & her clan. Not bad for a chick. Imagine running into another clan that has a different tactic. The multiplayer will only get better with dlc. Enjoy this video.

US8F1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Even casino sites are betting on The Last of Us. Amazing!

Tiqila1995d ago

this game is so freakin awesome! survivor mode inc

rezzah1995d ago

To me this game was like reading a book, completely unexpected.

Valkyre1995d ago

this game has literally got the most perfect scores of any other game i have ever seen...

it is astonishing!

and totally deserving!