Xbox One: A look at general consumer concerns

MWEB GameZone write, Nick Holden,takes a look at the pricing of Xbox One titles as well as the conversion of accessories from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox one.

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DesVader1968d ago

Good summary, now they just need to do something about the concerns :)
Didn't know about the accessories issue, so thanks for raising that one, HoldenZA

allformats1968d ago

Microsoft couldn't get away with its anti-consumer policies by feeding us lies, now they're feeding us "cloud" lies, too.

Remember folks, "cloud" is just a glorified name for "severs". Any company that wants to invest in them can. It's not something exclusive to MS... In fact, wasn't it Sony who first spoke of the cloud for next-gen consoles at the PS Meeting in February? Yes it was... But whatever..

schmoe1968d ago

oh dear, is that another can of worms?