Hardcore Tactical Shooters Are Coming Back Into Fashion

The hardcore tactical shooters of the past appear to be once again on the rise in popularity with many mature gamers seeming to be yearning for something more intellectually challenging than your typical shooter in today’s Call of Duty dominated market. I am talking about past games series such as Rainbow Six, SWAT, Counter-Strike and SOCOM. Games that actually made you think before you decided to pull the trigger or storm a room full of bad guys.

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SuburbanHell1995d ago

H-Hour has some real potential, hopefully it lives up to it.

xc7x1995d ago

i will be all over this game,once funded that is.

flankhim1994d ago

I could name all the maps in socom 1/2 from the top of my head and yet played i more cod this generation and can only remember the name of 2 maps from cod! I funded $150 to get me some beta action!

cpayne931995d ago

Hope this game gets funded. Anyone who is tired of the casualization of shooters this gen should check it out. Still though, despite this one game it looks like tactical shooters aren't really making a comback. They have just been getting less and less tactical over time, but hopefully that trend will change. Playing the original rainbow six right now and loving it.

s2Celerity1995d ago

Socom II roots, it's gonna be thurrrr

booboobreh1995d ago

Cant wait for this, it NEEDS to get funded.

QUNE1995d ago

I kicked in some $ for H-Hour. This game is going to kick ass. People need to spread the word.

SuburbanHell1995d ago

Same here, I can't wait to get my hands on it for PS4.

awesomeperson1995d ago

I pledged 50 bucks for PS Warrior last night, although the SOCOM era was before I started gaming. I'm getting tired of all the bro-shooters, really want to try my hand and get good at more tactical, team reliant games.

OAK1995d ago

SOFstudios is on track to make an awesome game that is absolutely needed for next gen. It will be a welcome change from all the generic shooters out there these days. Now it just needs to be funded. Everyone get to that Kickstarter and show some support!

XabiDaChosenOne1995d ago

Socom will return to its former glory, Ill put my future PS4 on it.

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The story is too old to be commented.