Dear Sqaure Enix, Please bring Kingdom Hearts 3 over to the Wii U

mii-gamer writes

The biggest bombshell of E3 2013 was the revelation that Kingdom Hearts 3 was in development for the PS4. The realization that the trailer was the official announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3, my heart stopped, my breathing hastened, my mind in a state of disbelief. The game we have been begging Square to make for an entire generation will eventually come.

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PopRocks3591943d ago

While I'd love for the game to be on a console I already own (would not mind a PS3 version either), it probably won't happen. By my understanding the game is making full use of the PS4 and Xbox One's assets. They would have to make an entirely different build of the game, which would probably cost more to make than just making a straight port to, say, the PC.

Like I said, it would be great if they did that, but I don't think it'll happen unfortunately.

President1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Please don't, its a downgraded experience enough with the Xbox 1 version., its kinda pathetic that Nintendo fans ask for ports when they don't even support the system. WiiU is the worst selling console since decades, its doing worse than GameCube.

3rd parties skip the WiiU because it doesn't sell.

With those facts in mind, KH3 will not come to WiiU.

user55757081943d ago

its kind of a slap in the face to nintendo that this is coming to xbox one and not wiiU.

but it all comes down to money and an xbox one port would be very easy due to similar system architecture while a wiiU port would probably cost them too much to justify a port due to development costs and lower install base

ricochetmg1943d ago

it has sold more than any other next gen console.

_QQ_1943d ago

Yeah and that fact that its not coming to PC means its a severely downgraded on PS4 Xboxone ;(

gedden71943d ago

And really this is my only complaint about how Nintendo handles its business (3rd party devs and pubs)..

Direct 11 support will outright disband a handful if not a ton of titles from ever coming to the Wii U.. Think about it and this just "first gen" Next Gen engines and software, what do you think will happen in 2.5 years from now??.. New engines and new tech, right! So I wonder how this will work out.

BTW I am really happy with my Wii U just waiting on the games!

stragomccloud1943d ago

I'd take a PC port over other versions; however, that said, a Wii U version wouldn't be too lacking. The Wii U is capable of pretty much everything the xbone/ps4 are cpu/gpu wise. It's only issue is the ram. And the gpu is slower which actually doesn't really matter so much because of the memory built onto the gpu. But it's really not a game breaker, theyd just have to lower the quality slightly, and have more loading times.

Dj7FairyTail1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

yeah make it on Xbox One where there no KH game or fanbase to begin with.
Like it will sell.

rainslacker1942d ago

A side story game would be OK. Multi-plat would be better of course. Plenty of those on the portables...although side story doesn't really fit the nature of the game...but I think you know what I mean.

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TheLyonKing1943d ago

Unless the wii u install base goes up dramtically it will most likely remain on 4 and one.

It makes more sense to have it on wii u and ps4 since all of the games are on nintendo and sony platforms.

There isn't even going to be a catch up for xbox players like the 1.5 collection coming to ps3.

I am just excited to know more about the game even though it is ages away.

stragomccloud1943d ago

I really hate that argument, because right now, the Wii U install base is a few million higher than xbone/ps4.

Dj7FairyTail1942d ago

nope has nothig to do with install base. It has something o do with Directx 11 which PS4 dont have if I can recall

SonyNGP1943d ago

It's gonna take more than an expansion pak to run that on the Wii U.

ricochetmg1943d ago

Kh3 did not look like a graphics monster.

Dj7FairyTail1942d ago

nothing graphically impressive was shown. Expansion pack is for loading more data not graphic.

ziratul1943d ago

Cartoonish graphics generally means less polygons and because of that it can be optimized to work just fine on Wii U.

Triforce0791943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

The game can run on wiiu at the same level of detail as xbox one if you think it can't you clutching on straws.

Just because a game isn't coming to wiiu doesn't mean wiiu can't handle the game ? it's the start of the generation,wiiu has a custom E6760 with tons of edram please stop talking crap guys,KH3 won't be pushing ps4 to its limits just like X on wiiu won't look anything like the games you will see in say 2 years time ect,any game on ps4 in its first few years will not be boyond wiiu capabilities,RAM is irrelevant as Havok nextgen is built into wiiu devkits with compression x10.

Harkins17211943d ago

Oh so a pre-alpha build showed you all this yes? Better hardware on Ps4 for a much bigger open world experience with 7GB towards games. I want KH3 to be even more open world then KH1 was. KH2 was alright but I missed the openess it had. WiiU would be able to handle that.

ziratul1942d ago

I am Wii U owner, I am happy to have it so I can play DK and Mario Kart, but please let's not defend WiiU hardware power. In compare with PS4 it has much less raw power.

sephiroth4201943d ago

i reakon they could do, it looks like they arnt using the luminous engine with this game, i really wish they had've done though -__-ahwell we wont see that shit for tiiiiiiiiiiiiime.

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