"We Are Watching You" Legislation Could Affect Xbox One

A proposed bill could force Microsoft to give users more options on how it uses data gathered with Kinect.

Whereas the Kinect has largely been an add-on to the Xbox 360, Microsoft has made no bones about the Xbox One integrating its version of the motion control hardware in big and significant ways. The console's heavy reliance on Kinect, which will watch and listen to users at all times while active, could prove problematic however, if currently proposed legislation finds traction in Washington.

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zeee1944d ago

First of all, I own two consoles. One PS3 and one Xbox 360. I have already pre-ordered a PS3 but my biggest reason not to pre-order Xbox One was not its DRM but it was and still is Kinect.

I don't know about you guys but after the whole PRISM fiasco, I find KInect to be one of the most creepiest ways of invasion privacy.

The same goes for PS EYE but at least, it's not mandatory and no, I won't be getting that either.

Blackdeath_6631944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

only American companies took part in the prism program sony is not American so very VERY unlikely that they had any part of it. among the companies involved were google,apple,yahoo,facebook,yo utube(owned by google)skype(owned by microsoft) and microsoft itself. of those companies microsoft was the first to take part back in 2007 and was the most involved in this spying scandal chances are if you have a 360 you would have already been spied on to some extent.

fuzzyLogix1944d ago

Are they also going to force computer manufacturers to remove front facing cameras from laptops? Or how about front facing cameras from mobile phones? Samsung smart TV's with camera for gesture control?

Oh no, that's right, because just like the Xbox One and Kinect YOU CAN TURN THE CAMERA OFF.

pompombrum1943d ago

Apples and oranges.. you don't need a camera attached to your laptop to boot it up. Front facing cam on mobile I guess could potentially be used for spying but that doesn't have my entire living room in shot 24/7.

The solution is simple, give people an option to disconnect their kinect completely from the console or better yet, don't force an accessory most Xbox gamers don't even want on them.

nukeitall1943d ago


"you don't need a camera attached to your laptop to boot it up."

Except basically all laptops and smart phones comes with a camera that isn't detachable. All you can do is trust that it is off.

No real difference there!

pompombrum1943d ago

Or uninstall the webcam drivers... that works too!

MasterCornholio1943d ago

I dont like Kinect either and in my opinion it should be optional like the PS4 camera.

abzdine1943d ago

and no one promises DRM wouldn't be back ONE day. X1 was build for that, and i feel this is just a technique to seduce enough people to come on board.
i'll consider getting ONE in 3-4years when i'm sure about their policy.
in the meantime, PS4 ftw

Dogswithguns1943d ago

You mean pre-ordered PS4?

GunsAndTheBeast1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Yeah, super creepy. Just so you all know, don't trust the government. They actually broke an international law of which they agreed upon not to do, but they did it anyway on spying other countries, which infuriates the countries they were spying on, this info was leaked by wikileak.

And now, do you really think that the public actually have a real choice regardless of you choosing to opt out or not? It is nothing but to ease your mind, but in actuality they would still watch you, also in the guise of 'to take info for proper ads' Bullcrap.

Paranoid Parrot: What if they have mini-battery and memory chip in Kinect, records you regardless of you plugged it out or not?

Back to reality, this is abuse. Fight for liberty.

Sign on a petition on Mozilla Firefox or directly from here: https://optin.stopwatching....

474,111 people has signed on so far.. available worldwide. Let your voices be heard! Sign on now!

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Excalibur1944d ago

The DRM removal was a step in the right direction but my biggest reason for not wanting an XBox One was the mandatory Kinect.

I have a feeling we will see a second Sku at some point that doesn't include the Kinect but at this point it's too little too late, maybe I'll get one when they go to the Slim phase of the One.

EasilyTheBest1944d ago

I can bet good money that if Microsoft didn't include Kinect with the X1 OR changed the X1 so that you can unplug Kinect, people will soon find yet another reason not to buy the console.

pompombrum1943d ago

Well yeah but as a predominately Xbox gamer, they'd have done enough for me to make me go preorder the console. For many gamers though, the damage is done and Microsoft has shown their vision and people just won't trust them anymore.

stage881943d ago

This should be banned in Europe.

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