Super Smash Bros. Artwork Revealed

Adding to last week’s reveals for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo has issued some brand new artwork for the forthcoming videogames. Featuring some of the newly revealed characters, Electronic Theatre is today able to bring you these high quality images.

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kirbyu1994d ago

I've seen this artwork before. How bout a new character reveal?

Y_51501994d ago

My favorite game coming 2014!

ZeroX98761994d ago

omg, freaking smashball!
I'm hoping they remove this item in online matches.

3-4-51994d ago

They have already stated " we made it an option you can turn off " ....paraphrasing but it was close to that. Think I read it yesterday actually.

He was referring to balancing between hardcore and newer gamers to the series.

Smash Brothers has always been filled with tons of options.

You would think other dev's would be intelligent enough to notice this and how much we appecaiate it, put 2+2 together and start adding customization to their games.

ZeroX98761994d ago

Nice well I dont mind it being in the game, but I would prefer the default online match settings to remove it. Its probably going to be there, but custom games will give you the options at least.