Three Ways Cryptic Studios Can Take Neverwinter's Foundry to the Next Level

MMO Site writes: "Neverwinter, the latest MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios, launched out of Open Beta this June 20th. While these additions could very well be in the works at the moment due to its early state, but there is no way of knowing yet.

The Foundry is full of content and tools that can be used to create almost any type of quest for players, but why limit it to just those situations? With some tweaks and additions, the Foundry could become one of the best player authoring tools ever created, if it isn't already. Consider the following three ideas to be suggestions, or even "wish-list items" of how I think they could really take the entire Foundry creation system to the next level."

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rbailey1942d ago

Still haven't gotten the chance to check this out, but I will soon enough.

Anthotis1942d ago

Forget Neverwinter. Perhaps they can focus on Champions Online for more than 2 seconds and fix the plethora of bugs.

JeepGamer1942d ago

It took them nearly 6 months to bother to fix something as mundane as power that wasn't upgrading properly... IE, the level 3 version did precisely the thing as the level 1 version.

And they knew about it in beta.

This was enough of a sign for me to walk away from that game company forever.

despair1941d ago

Gonna have to get to this at some point in the future, but so many games to play and MMOs are low on my list.