Violent Video Games and You at SGC 2013

The Koalition writes: "Violent video games, it's a topic that has been discussed to death over the past several years. Do they lead cause aggression? Do they cause violence? Do they mess up your mind? Are they okay for children? This and many other questions have been asked, and continue to be asked, on the topic, and the fact of the matter is that there are definitive answers. A panel at this year's ScrewAttack Game Convention headed by Adam Sessler and others discussed this very topic at hand and I was lucky to check it out at the convention."

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rbailey1946d ago

This is a great piece and it sounds like the panel was awesome. I personally think there will always be a consensus of people that will argue that Violent video games are the root of all evil and the cause of most crimes today. I would just like to state that I feel people should take responsibility for their actions instead of blaming an artform that's meant to entertain. If people don't know the difference between entertainment and reality then chances are those individuals who commit acts of violence now are already a lost cause.

nick3091946d ago

Movies are way more violent than video games, tons of rape, media says nothing. **** u media, i never watch the news , i feel like gamers are a victim to racism.