Knack is your quintessential launch game: high on presentation, low on substance. - MMGN

MMGN writes: I initially found Knack, a PlayStation 4 launch exclusive, to be one of the best looking "next gen" games to be revealed yet. For some reason it looked like the perfect platformer to introduce gamers to the console's capabilities, and in some capacity it is. But it all came crashing down to earth after I played it at E3, where I realised that, yep, Knack seems like your quintessential launch game: high on presentation, low on substance.

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dendenmooshi1968d ago

At least the writer played it before criticizing it.

But I believe the game will have merit in the movie-like presentation. Mark Cerny did say that Knack has a CGI-movie length of narrative. He made a lot of comparisons between this game and a Pixar movie.

It doesn't have to be that good, but if it's anywhere near Pixar level story telling it will be a big success.

Utalkin2me1968d ago

Platformer games like this have to have some good gameplay, needs more then Pixar story telling to be successful.

adorie1968d ago

Cerny's been in the industry for years. I doubt he would gimp the gameplay. Especially when gameplay meant everything, like back in the 8 bit era.

Utalkin2me1968d ago

You misunderstood. I was replying to his comment, not the game in general. I am a big Cerny fan, so trust me and don't take it the wrong way.

NewMonday1968d ago

many previewers actually liked the game after playing it, they actually say the opposite (low on presentation and high on substance).

and next gen launch needed a kid friendly game

HammadTheBeast1968d ago

But he played a demo...

Last of Us sucks cause it has only 2 weapons. By the way I played the demo only.

(Sarcasm to prove my point)

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Cryptcuzz1968d ago

"At least the writer played it before criticizing it"

I understand what you are trying to say, but saying the game is high on presentation but low on substance without finding out more about the game first is foolish.

Its possible that Knack will gain more abilities through the course of the game that would change up how the game is played. It is also possible that the levels would become more open and varied as the game gets further along as well.

The demo shown is like 10 minutes of the game. Its like saying Samus from the Metroid games has limited move sets when playing the first 10 minutes of the game without knowing that she gains back all her abilities throughout the course of the game.

Let's give the game a chance.

HammadTheBeast1968d ago

He does get more abilities..... like tons more. If the author did some research maybe he'd be surprised.

dendenmooshi1968d ago

Ya, that is true. My statement was more about how some approved review/impression articles in n4g are obviously troll console war stories for clicks. This author just gave his opinion and impression based on a quick play in E3.

As far as gameplay goes, the premise of Knack alone grants itself a very versatile gameplay. Knack can take on various forms. Small mode, gorilla mode, air mode, dolphin mode, etc.. The possibilities are endless. There's also bosses and different enemies to account for.

solidjun51968d ago

"At least the writer played it before criticizing it. "

To me, messing around with a "a demo" without playing the whole game, thereby coming to a conclusion of the game, doesn't necessarily qualify it as "playing it before criticizing it." It's a bit foolish if you ask me.

RedHawkX1968d ago

yeah this guy is jumping the gun. knacks gonna have tons of stuff in it when it finally releases theres a ton more months before release. also its better then any xbox one kinect crap.

admiralvic1968d ago

Criticizing a demo is the same as not playing it in the first place.

Over the years we've seen countless demos, which could imply one thing, but the reality could be another.

The original Parappa the Rappa demo was the Master Onion stage, which was pretty awesome, but also close to 20% of the actual game.
Alien CM had a really well done and fairly cinematic demo, where as the reality was a lot bleaker.

A lot of demos are based off earlier versions of the game and it's not unusual for conventions to have versions a lot different than even what the public demo is like. It's impossible to predict how full or lacking the final game will be based off a demo, nor is it logical to assume the demo showed you everything. It's not like we haven't seen our fair share of awful demos either. Just look at the Ratchet collection Sly 4 demo. Nothing to kill, very little to see, almost no story, clearly an indication of how that game will turn out.

Utalkin2me1968d ago

You know what a demo is for right? A demo is trying to sell you on a game in short period of gameplay. Sure the final product might not be the same, but when you're throwing your sale pitch for sales then you need to make sure the demo is what your product represents.

I just hope there is way more platforming then what is being shown. If so then i am sold on the game.

MysticStrummer1968d ago

@Utalkin2me - True but admiralvic is right that sometimes a demo doesn't do a game justice or represent it very well. From the E3 demo of Ryse, for example, the game looked very linear and QTE heavy, but since then we've heard that the full game isn't like that. Only time will tell, but I know I've played plenty of demos that didn't turn out to represent the full game well for various reasons.

Utalkin2me1968d ago


Like i said, demo is something to sale the consumer on. As for the demo of ryse, they say it won't play the same way. But why would you show something that is completely different?

But i would like to know some demos that was completely different in gameplay by the time of release?

admiralvic1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

@ Utalkin2me

You missed my point. While you're right, it's still wrong to jump the gun and assume you know it all, since a demo is not the same thing as the final game.

As far as your second post, depends on how different you're willing to accept.

The demo for Asura's Wrath was pretty much just a QTE, but the final game has parts where you run around / fight little peons.
The demo for Dead Space 3 was a lot more intense than the final game turned out to be.
The Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate demo showcased what it was like to fight the monsters after 15+ hours of gameplay and doesn't show the town, requests, alternate missions, various monsters or really anything besides killing big things.
The Lost Planet 2 online beta didn't showcase any of the cool VS units or much of what was possible online. Personally I consider awesome scorpion mech battles a completely different experience than the grapplehook action we saw in the beta.

As far as completely different genre, I am sure there are some, but I don't play enough demos to tell you.

Utalkin2me1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Going to be honest never played "Asura's Wrath". So can't really comment.

Thanks you made my point with the last point. Monster Hunter 3? Really, everyone knew what to expect due to having played 1 and 2, if you're a fan that is. So the key thing is you're looking at fighting aspects.

Deadspace 3 was spot on to the actual game IMO. Considering again there was 2 games prior to it. So everyone has a good deal of what to expect.

A beta is totally different then a demo, so it's not even comparably.

I'm talking about a new IP that releases a demo, not a established Ip.

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Donnieboi1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

So what if he played it? He could still be lying about what he played.

I'll wait until I play it myself.

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GribbleGrunger1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

How can we speak of substance if we haven't experienced it's full pallet of gameplay? It's not actually a game that I would play, but that's a different conversation. I'm talking genres there, just in case someone decides to turn my argument against me ... although I have to be honest and say I could be a little premature judging it on genre alone.

SegaSaturn6691968d ago

tldr: guy who despises family oriented games and platformers complains that it isn't driveclub and writes a review while he's at it.

Boody-Bandit1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

All this from a demo?
WOW this author is amazing.
I usually need to play a game for at least a couple, but usually several, hours before I draw my own conclusions and I've been gaming since it's inception. I guess I'm just old school and I don't have the ability to judge a game in it's entirety from viewing a small portion of what's currently available. SMH

admiralvic1968d ago

Sadly, this is fairly common practice.

I know of some sites (not naming names...) that will do full reviews off of 30 - 40 minutes of gameplay. This was actually pretty comical when Soul Sacrifice released, since the reviewer I knew who did that game did roughly the same amount of things you could find in the demo.

Sure it sucks, but it's not that hard to tell an idiot from someone that actually played a lot of the game.

McScroggz1968d ago

I could see it easily ending up like the author says: a pretty good action/platformer with some nice humor and fun story - but without anything that is remarkable. I hope that isn't the case. I think it looks really cool, but part of me expects it to play like Ratchet and Clank. But you know what? IF I can afford to get Knack along with the other games I'm getting, I'd be pretty happy with a new Ratchet and Clank.

However, I also understand that in today's market that might not be enough for a lot of people.

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