Sony at E3: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

GenGAME looks back at Sony's presence at E3 2013 and breaks down the highs and lows.

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ScubaSteve11970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

can we please stop talking about E3. it was two weeks ago its over, time to move on

TheGrimOfDeath1969d ago

It's the biggest showcase for games in the States where two new next-gen consoles were shown. You think you're on the right website?

rezzah1970d ago

The only downside to the PS4 is needing PS+ to play games online.

Transporter471970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

downside to make the PSN more reliable and better with small fee that rewards for you with games monthly/ cloud saves/trial demos/big discounts to titles/auto updates to game titles and system. Its a bargain i have over 200 dollars worth of games and i have only been a member for a roughly a year.

@rezzah there is a 17.99 for 3 months if you can't afford the 49.99 out the gate FYI.

Um of course it's 3 months you want the entire year pay the 49.99....

rezzah1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

A separate fee for those who do not wish to get PSN+ would have been good.

Instead of paying 50, one would pay a lesser price.



That is only for 3 months, not the entire year.

The point is to pay for access to play online alone (as a additional option), not the added features of PSN+.

Not sure if you can comprehend these words I type, but I'll try to say the same thing differently. Hopefully you can understand this time.

With the option to pay $50 for PSN+ you also get the ability to play games online.

If I don't want PSN+, but only the ability to play online there can exist an additional option to purchase playing online only. Since this second option would lack the other features of PSN+, it would be bought at a lesser price. As an example instead of paying $50 a year, you would only pay $20 a year for access.

Transporter471970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )


Lack of exclusives? How many exclusives does MS have on the 360 and compare them to PS3. Do you forget that Sony produces exclusive after exclusive? Which they are also high caliber. Just because you didn't see all the exclusive Sony has for the PS4 don't ever count them out.

CrossingEden1970d ago

well that and the lack of exclusives in comparison to microsoft or even nintendo

Williamson1970d ago

Lol that's hilarious.....wait your actually serious?

AngelicIceDiamond1970d ago

It wasn't the "lack of exclusives" Sony showed them off early in Feb.

The lack of new exclusive announcements was a downside at Sony's conference. The Order: 1886 was the only one.

But hopefully Gamescon changes all that.

reaperofsouls1969d ago

When you combine Sonys decent E3 and the febuary PS4 reveal it is apparent that Sony has a very decent plethora of Games coming out. However, M$ may have had a good E3 when it comes to games but when it is combined with the terrible Xbox1 reveal (which showed us nothing an expensive TV remote), show that xbox has less to offer it terms of games.

It's understandable that XBOX fanboys are citing games for Pro Xbox arguments because they really can't argue that the hardware is better or customer policies are better or value for money is better.

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HolyDuck1970d ago

Damn, I own a 360 & have owned two PS3's, the plus service is incredible, the free games you get etc, and you PS3/4 users are still hating on a fee that is almost comparable to 360's online fee but you get a lot more for your buck, stop moaning, maybe sony will make a half decent online service this time round with the mandatory online fee.

rezzah1969d ago

Relax, I only speak off more variation for payment fees. You can still keep you PSN+ and the ability to play online. I wish only for the ability to play online at a cheaper price.

I don't need the free games or the discounts. I don't buy everything that releases online, maybe one digital game every 3 - 6 months. By the time specific games are released for free, I have already beaten them (only the ones I want to play).

PSN+ is nice, but I don't need its features. All I want is the online gaming option, nothing more.

creatchee1970d ago

Sony had two winning things at their conference - the lack of DRM and the price point. The DRM issue is a moot point now, so they're left with the price (again, solely on E3-related issues). They didn't really show enough exclusive games, to be honest. Sure, indies are nice, but they're not selling points. I wish they would have shown the inFamous SS gameplay, which was incredible.

DivineAssault 1970d ago

I think they needed some japanese appeal as well as the western.. Im quite happy with PS4 & have 3 reserved ;) just think that japan may feel a bit left out & i love eastern titles.. Im sure theres many more games to be announced so its only a matter of time but as far as E3 goes, thats what was missing.. I also wouldve liked to see some more vita titles.. Again, i know gamescom is coming & all the others like TGS so im sure all will be well.. Sony has new games getting announced every damn week! Sure they arent all AAA games but theyre games none the less.. When i buy a PS system, im buying a system thats guaranteed to get great software.. The greatest from 1st-3rd party

imXify1970d ago

RIP Vita ?
E3 was the time for PS4. Not PS3 or Vita.

Erimgard1969d ago

Then when exactly is the time for Vita?

imXify1969d ago

I'm 100% sure it will be at gamescom in 2 months. There's around 40 games to announce and release this year.

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