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ninemsn games writes: Few games thus far have been able to showcase the Xbox One's graphical prowess like Forza Motorsport 5. The iconic racing series will help ring in the next generation of gaming in 2014, harnessing the "power of the cloud" to offer one of the most realistic — and challenging — racing games to date.

The philosophy is clear: the game's maker, Turn 10 Studios, wants to reinvent the relationship between player and game, racer and car. The developer, which has made every one of the five Forza Motorsport games to date, wants to expand the series into an ever-evolving and learning virtual world of street races and personal garages.

Forza Motorsport 5 is looking the goods and is well on its way to being one of Xbox One's defining games in its early life. Here's why.

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BadboyCivic1996d ago

Racing games lost its magic in my opinion.

GT 1&2 will forever be a classic

aceitman1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Can someone confirm if they will do weather in 5 or will it still be a no show, so far no wheather in the series .

MooseWI1996d ago

Can't give you a link but I remember hearing there will be no night or weather. I remember it somewhere..

Arai1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

@ Aceitman

No weather changes or day/night cycle and no dynamic lighting (pre-baked).

That's why the game is running at 60fps, sacrifices had to be made.
The game uses a lot of assets from FM4 IIRC, it's not build from the ground up.

You'll have to wait till FM6 for such features most likely.

NukaCola1996d ago


Saying sacrifices have to be made when it comes to a next gen game is disheartening.

VonBraunschweigg1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

I watched the 24h of Le Mans this weekend, several hours here and there but everytime I watched I couldn't resist setting up my wheelstand and Logitech and race the track myself in GT5's Arcademode, with the day/night cycle and weatherchange on.

Slowly you drive into the night, and about 30, 45 intense minutes later you're happy to see the first rays of light again, every lap a different lightning on the track.

So beautifull, so satisfying. Can't believe Forza can't provide this experience, and I'm hoping T10 will think again and get it in the game somehow.

Edit: especially because there was a lot of advertising for Forza at Le Mans. I watched the race on my phone while racing myself, I remember one moment where there was a GT logo on my TV and a Forza logo on my phone at the exact same point of the track. Made me laugh:)

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Aceman181996d ago

to me with next gen coming, and your premiere racing doesn't have day/cycle and changing weather conditions that is an utter & complete fail.

more powerful hardware and you can't even do these simple tasks in your game smdh.

dedicatedtogamers1996d ago

How is it redefining the racing genre? It's actually taking features OUT that were standard in previous Forza games.

Kietz1996d ago

Then stay out of Forza articles and comment in Gran Turismo ones.

spektical1996d ago

this is how everyone feels. GT6 wouldnt be used to showcase cars if it weren't premier content. It's a very tight game, and is more of simulator to forza's arcade feel.

lgn151995d ago

Lol, the bullshit that fanboys force themselves to believe amuses me.

Kietz1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

I would actually really like to see another Horizon. Thought that was a lot of fun.

mcstorm1996d ago

I agree and I think we will see number 2 next year as MS and Turn10 said Forza was going to be out every 2 years so I see them doing the same with Horizon.

I have to give it to Turn10 and PlayGround for me they have mode the best racing games of last gen in forza 4 and Horizon and I cant wait to get Forza 5 its the reason im pre ordering the Xbox one.

mrmarx1996d ago

the call of duty of racing.. smh i want gt6 and drive club

theWB271996d ago appreciate waiting 5 years for the incomplete game that was gt5? Funded by the glorified demo that was Prologue.

There were 3 forzas for the 360.
There will be the glorified demo that was Prologue, GT5 and now GT6. 3 games also.

mrmarx1996d ago

my point exxactly.. every year same stuff. does this one come with a dog?

iamgoatman1996d ago


"every year same stuff."

Aww bless, he can't even count.

mrmarx1994d ago

gt6 is really what gt5 Should have been.

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