Rock Out To A Game Where A Guy Gets Handcuffed To A Mysterious Girl

Disorder 6 begins with a guy that wakes up in a warehouse with a mysterious girl handcuffed to him. Things get even more confusing when they find a corpse and a female detective suspects they are the killers.

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CrossingEden1995d ago

well the description sounded cool and then i saw that it was an anime game that as a person over the age of 14, can't take seriously, it is highly likely that this game will have an extremely convoluted plot, anime melodrama, and bad animation that anime fans will defend to death because "it has depth and is detailed man, and japan has a lower budget," well you know what, idc, DEPTH=/=BETTER ANIMATION, IT=TERRIBLE ANIMATION more than half the time -_- hair and mouths are not the only things that are supposed to move

JeepGamer1995d ago

Hrm, maybe I'll start whining about games for which I am obviously not the target audience because I think everything should be made to suit my tastes.

CrossingEden1995d ago

"don't insult my anime, because you aren't the target audience"
you're right, i'm not, the target audience imo is this
and i'm just not that target audience, tired of convoluted plots, tired of loli characters and anime melodrama where every emotion has to be explained -_- seriously, i see absolutely nothing original here

JeepGamer1995d ago

I'll make it clear this time since you obviously didn't get it the first time.

You are whining about something about which you know basically nothing simply because it's done in a particular style that doesn't suit your tastes. You further follow up these grand assumptions and silly generalities by making more of the same about me and whole groups of other people.

Since you like to link to images about what you think other people "are like", here's one that basically sums up what your attitude.

CrossingEden1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

never said that someone is not allowed to like it -_- i said i don't like it and i irately stated the reasons why -_- grow up, hurray for the ignore button

Inception1995d ago

Are there any loli or convoluted plot in Death Note, Black Lagoon, Urasawa Naoki: Monster, or Slam Dunk? And i think those titles isn't for 14 years old kid such as CrossingEden too ^^

despair1995d ago

Somehow you got this idea that all anime is made for 14 year olds and have all those tropes you mentioned. Clearly you haven't really watched many anime series or you've been getting bad recommendations.

Dagobert1995d ago

This looks like a visual novel. Fuck that. I would be interested if it's not a visual novel for sure.

Buuhan11995d ago

Looks like a visual novel.

Visual novels are not games... they're visual novels.

Fluke_Skywalker1995d ago

Wouldn't mind waking up hand cuffed to her mind you ;)

MWH1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

but in real life, this is what you're going to wake up cuffed with: