Why You Need A PS Vita

30Plusgamer writes: If you've yet to adopt Sony’s flagship portable gaming device, the following words are for you. If you happen to own one already, perhaps you’re reading this to bask in the glory that is the PlayStation Vita. Now more affordable than ever thanks to bundles galore, the PS Vita should be on every gamer's radar. In case you’re not one for reviews, here are some reasons why:

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TongkatAli1969d ago

Toro's Friend Network should be a reason.

HakatoX1969d ago

yeah, cause everyone just wants to rack up friends that they dont know.
I am very picky about who I add. and that game is the antithesis of knowing your friends.... like myspace friends to whores in game form.

Y_51501968d ago

I don't know, I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. It's a nice app, but I dislike Toro. :P

raytraceme1969d ago

PS4 remote play and smartglass killer due to controls.

iamnsuperman1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

I wouldnt hold your breath for remote play. We were surpose to have it with the PS3 but only a handful of titles use it. I am waiting for a more solid annoncement before i get excited for remote play

A reason for me is because i am a PSN plus subscriber. I have bought one game for it in six months (partly because i am traverling at the moment but still I really do not have a need to buy games for it when i have PSN plus. Been a good investment)

assassin2k1968d ago

I know what's you're saying but with PS3 the remote play feature had to be included in the software. With PS4 it's coded into the hardware so developers don't actually need to do anything aside from perhaps remapping buttons to get it to work. That and the acquisition of Gakai means PS4-Vita remote play is a certainty. Whether it stretches to PS3 at a later date remains to be seen.

Transporter471969d ago

I love mine. As a personal experience i recommend one.

colonel1791969d ago

I want one so much! I want to play Gravity Rush and use it for Remote Play with Ps4, but I am waiting for a redesign, because I don't like the current one so much. It somehow doesn't feel as sturdy as the PSP, and maybe they could add some internal memory.

I don't think I will wait long though, if the sales don't go up, they might do it to entice people, and with the launch of the PS4 it could be even more probable.

Transporter471969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

It's really sturdy to me, at least more then my PSP. The screen is beautiful to watch videos on, everything about it is nice. I mean if you don't want to spend that much money you can get one used for roughly the same price as a 3ds xl

yeahokchief1968d ago

It's sturdy. I've straight up dropped mine on a hard flood by tripping on the power cord while it was charging and it's still flawless.

Very well built as usual with sony.

assassin2k1968d ago

I have four dogs and my Vita has landed on the wooden floor at least 5 or 6 times now and aside from a hairline scratch that's about a cm wide my baby still works like the day I got her. Very well built and sturdy. The only drawback is the back touchpad which has scratches all over looks like I've dragged it across tarmac yet never has it been dragged against anything.

Knushwood Butt1968d ago

Me too.

Forgot to take it out with me the other day and was gutted.

DivineAssault 1969d ago

I love my vita! I just wish it had more original software built from the ground up to use its power

bothebo1968d ago

Agreed, enough of this indie crap.

ninjahunter1969d ago

Vitas top notch, but the memory card prices are disgraceful, I dont think i could trust "sony good intention" after that stunt. But, if they dropped their memory card prices by 75% to competitor prices, Well, lets just say the cost of getting a vita for Digital only gaming would not cost almost as much as a PS4

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